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High Pressure Freezer HPM Live ยต

High pressure freezer HPM Live µ

The gold standard for the preservation of biological specimen for electron microscopy is the vitrification of samples to observe the ultrastructure in close to native state. Vitrification can be achieved with a range of techniques but only a high pressure freezer (HPF) allows for the cryo-preservation of ultrastructure down to 200 µ m deep. HPF combines a high cooling rate using liquid nitrogen with high pressure (~2000 bar) to accomplish deep vitrification. The HPM Live µ is an advanced, automated HPF system for the vitrification of biological specimens. A range of different holders enables the cryo-fixation of a wide range of cell and tissue types. A rapid specimen transfer is used for an increased temporal resolution for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) experiments.

Cryo-fixed samples will typically be transferred under liquid nitrogen into a freeze substitution unit in order to gradually embed the sample in resin which can then be sectioned and imaged.


  • Automatic sample transfer in 1.26 seconds
  • 15'' inch HD colour touchscreen for convenient system control
  • Fixation/Freezing data and curves automatically saved
  • Preparation cycle lasts 20 min
  • Large range of specimen carriers for optimal vitrification depending on sample size