Postgraduate student profiles

Here you can read profiles of many of our students - about their experiences during their course, and their progress following graduation from the MSc Conservation and Biodiversity and the MSc Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology courses.

Rebecca Scott is just one of our recent graduates:

After graduating with a BSc in Ecology from the University of East Anglia I immediately knew I wanted to pursue a research career in marine biology; in particular sea turtle conservation. Attracted to the work of the Marine Turtle Research Group based at the Cornwall Campus and high recommendations of the MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity, this course was the obvious choice to gain further skills in this area. My MSc research project, meta-analyses of the satellite tracking data of green and hawksbill sea turtles, could not have been a more perfect project for me and in addition to two manuscripts currently in preparation for submission to a peer-reviewed journal I gained a lot of data analytical skills using GIS and R software that will serve me well for a future career in this field.

Prior to embarking on this MSc I spent considerable periods of time conducting research and conservation work overseas. Due to my previous experiences working in the tropics coupled with the new skills I learnt from the dynamic group of staff involved with this course I secured a highly competitive place with the Seychelles Island Foundation working on the remote and uninhabited Aldabra atoll; a UNESCO World Heritage site and absolutely amazing place. Here I am part of a small team of 15 island inhabitants working to conserve this outstandingly rich and beautiful ecosystem. In addition to assisting with regular monitoring of turtles, giant tortoises, shark, birds and fish populations I have also been able to put the skills I have learnt through out my education and field experiences to good use by setting up a self generated in-water research project here on green turtle foraging population within the Aldabra lagoon.

When I return to the UK the MSc course has not only equipped me well to progress onto a PhD, the MSc Alumini mailing list keeps me informed of many PhD and job opportunities I would not have otherwise heard about and I am confident that my aspirations to progress onto a PhD I am really passionate about will be fulfilled.
Rebecca Scott, Sea turtle research for the Seychelles Island Foundation