Matthew Perkins

Matthew Perkins

Postgraduate research student

Telephone +44 (0)1326 253707
Location Centre for Ecology and Conservation, Daphne du Maurier building, Cornwall Campus


MSc Marine Environmental Protection, Bangor
BSc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, Plymouth

PhD thesis

Novel technologies for quantifying biodiversity and ecosystem function


Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA seedcorn)


Dr Stuart Bearhop, Dr Frank van Veen, Dr Andrew Jackson, Dr Robbie McDonald, Dr Rich Inger

Research interests

Our research initially focuses on evaluating the use of stable isotopes to quantify food web structure and provide proxy measures for biodiversity and ecosystem function. Given the current rate of biodiversity loss and the magnitude of human alteration of natural species assemblages, we hope later to develop stable isotope methods that will allow us to test hypotheses about the relative importance of species, abundance and community structure for the ways ecosystems function.


Hiddink, J.G., Davis, T.W., Perkins, M., Machairopoulou, M. & Neill, S.P. 2009. Context dependency of relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning is different for multiple ecosystem functions. Oikos. 118: 1892-1900.