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Africa field class

Each year our students visit Kenya and South Africa to learn about animal behaviour, evolution, biodiversity and conservation.
Find out more about their experiences on the Africa blog.

Biosciences students on the Isles of Scilly fieldtrip

Undergraduate fieldcourses

Our students have the option of taking field course modules in destinations which provide fantastic opportunities for travel and studying your subject in superb locations, while also providing the chance to get to know fellow students and academics better. These are the times when long-lasting friendships are forged and valuable skills achieved. Exact field course module options are specified on each degree course page.

At the Centre for Ecology and Conservation we pride ourselves on offering more fieldwork than in any other similar degrees in the UK. 

Students from all programmes of study can select up to two field courses in the second year, subject to availability of places. Third year students may choose either South Africa or Spain.

For slideshows of previous fieldcourses and in depth information click on the links below:

Year 2

Year 3

The amount of fieldwork we do is unequalled in other similar courses; from Scottish Highlands to African plains, we see it all. All the trips are not just amazing opportunities to learn in the field and explore the natural world, they are brilliant chances to get to know both fellow students and lecturers too.

Mel Smee, Conservation Biology and Ecology student