Grants and funding

Current Funding

2010 -2013 Joint US-UK (NERC) Research Program: Environmental Behaviour, Bioavailability and Effects of Manufactured Nanomaterials (EPA-G2008-STAR-R1) - (£203 000 PI to Exeter, PI., total grant £3M). Consortium for Manufactured Nanomaterial Bioavailability & Environmental Exposure (nanoBEE).

2010 -2013 EU - Qnano. Infrastructure and toxicology assessment unit. (Euros 285 991, Co-I) 2010 Wolfson. Zebrafish Developmental Biology Imaging Unit (infrastructure and microscopes) (£400k PI). 2011-2013 DEFRA (£160 000 - PI). Emerging endocrine disrupting chemicals. UK/Japan partnership Grant. Pending

2011-2014 NERC(£420 000 - Development and Application of Transgenic Biosensor Zebrafish for Assessing the Environmental Health Impacts of Anti-Androgens. 2011 CEFAS (£17 000 –co PI). Investigating the potential molecular mechanisms associated with white spot virus resistance in Carcinus maenas

2011-2014 CEFAS (£37 500 - co I). The Implications of Ocean Acidification in Combination with Chemical Stressors for Juvenile Fish (50% PhD studentship support) 2011-2014 Leverhulme (£143 800 - co I). The Evolution of Cooperation in Structured Animal Societies 2011-2014 Interegg European Neurosciences Project (Euros140 00 –PI).

2012 DEFRA/ Open Innovation Fund. (£60 000 - co I) CB0456 - Global NanoMaPPP - Ecotoxicology of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials in the Aquatic Environment

2012-2015 Cefas- (£300k, drawing down further support from the UoE Open Innovation platform - value of total grant £532 000, PI). Building a Molecular Platform for Understanding the Host-Pathogen Interface in Invertebrates.

2012-15 EU (£300k, co-I). ( CLEANSEAS) . Microplastics in the Marine Environment 2012 British Ecological Survey (£1,860 - PI): Niche partitioning and factors determining success of ground nesting birds, including Cuckoo parasitism, on Dartmoor

2012-15 EU. (540k Euros, PI). NanoMILE (10 million Euro Consortium grant). Nanoparticles in the Environment. 2013 Cefas. (£28,854 PI). Exposure effects of natural plants extracts on fish

2013-15 BASF (£144 000, co-I with Prof Galloway). Ecotoxicology of nanopolymer dispersions. A case study of aqueous acrylic ester copolymers.

2013-14 Spanish Government (£30 000 co-I)Molecular identification of sex, reproductive stage and fecundity in fish of commercial interest: mechanisms, aplications and exploitation. SEXOVUM.

2013-14 NERC (FENAC/2012/11/002; £24 000 co-I). Transfer of Bulk and Nanoparticulate Cerium between a Mussel and a Crab

2013-14 NERC (FENAC/2012/11/001; £24 000 P.I). Biological uptake and effects of metal oxide nanomaterials in early life stages of fish and for exposure to a complex mixture

2013-16 NERC (£578 000 P.I., £399 000 to Exeter). Can roach, Rutilus rutilus, adapt to the harmful effects of oestrogen exposure from waste water treatment work effluents?

2013-16 German Gov. (40 000 Euros P.I). Consultant for the German National programme on Nanomaterials

2013-15 BBSRC (£149,724, PI) Exploiting Transgenic Zebrafish Embryos/Larvae for Systems- Wide Analysis of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

2013-14 Defra ((£64 000)Predicting Reproductive Failure in Frogs using Non-destructive Biomarkers – A Pilot Study

2013-15 NERC/TSB/KTP –Develop and Validate Numerical Modelling Capability for HR Wallingford - (£247 870 co-I)

2013-16 EU (€139,600 Co-I, total consortium €6million) GuideNano: Assessment and mitigation of nano-enabled product risks on human and environmental health