Impact and media coverage

Our studies on the impact of pollutants on freshwater fish have received considerable media attention and have been the focus of articles published in Science, The Lancet, Science News, Nature and in many of the quality newspapers. Our research has been featured/reported many times in the quality press nationally (Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Observer, Guardian and Independent) and in the German, French, US and Japanese press.

CRT has appeared on BBC radio and BBC and Independent television programmes (including, Newsnight, the 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock news, BBC World Service TV, and Country File) to discuss the implications of endocrine disruption and tumours in fish. He has also appeared on programmes broadcast in America, Japan, France and Germany. Our research has been the focus of two Horizon programmes and a Dispatches programme and has also featured in two popular books – Our Stolen Future (Theo Colburn) and The Feminisation of Nature (Deborah Cadbury). Through the media, we have publicised our research activities to a very wide audience. EABRG is also active in disseminating its research work to schools and to higher education programmes, and has written articles on our work for the ‘popular press’, including feature articles for magazines such as BBC wildlife. Our research has been presented at The Royal Society Science Week (London, 2004), at the House of Commons (1999) and on a number of occasions to the European Commission.

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