Our group has published over 180 peer reviewed full research papers and also a series of critical reviews and book chapters.

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Representative original research papers

Bickley LK, Brown AR, Hosken DJ, Hamilton, PH, LePage G, Paull GC, Owen SF & Tyler CR. 2012. Interactive effects of inbreeding and endocrine disruption on reproduction in a model laboratory fish. Evolutionary Applications (accepted).  Download>>

Lange A., Paull G.C., Hamilton P.B., Iguchi T. & Tyler C.R. (2011) Persistent exposure to treated wastewater effluent induces complete sex reversal with implications for breeding in wild fish populations - Environ. Sci. Technol., 45 (4): 1673–1679. Download>>

Filby, A.L., Paull, G.C., Hickmore, T., (Tyler, C.R 2010). Unravelling the Neurophysiological Basis of Aggression in a Fish Model. BMC Genomics 11 Article number 498. Download>>

Santos EM, Workman VL, Paull GC, Filby AL, Van Look KJW, Kille P, Tyler CR: (2007) Molecular basis of gender and reproductive status in breeding zebrafish. Physiological Genomics 18;30(2):111-22.

Filby, A.L., Thorpe, K.L. and Tyler, C.R. (2006). Multiple molecular effect pathways for an environmental oestrogen in fish. J. Molecular Endocrinology 37: 121-134. Download>>

Gibson, R., Smith, M.D., Spary, C., Tyler, C.R., Hill, E.M. (2005). Mixtures of oestrogenic contaminants in bile in fish exposed to wastewater treatment works effluents. Environmental Science and Technology 39(8) 2461- 2471. Download>>

Liney, K.E., Jobling, S. Shears, J., Simpson.P.,Tyler, C.R. (2005) Assessing the sensitivity of different life stages for sexual disruption in roach (Rutilus rutilus) exposed to effluents from wastewater treatment works Environmental Health Perspectives. 113 (10): 1299-1307. Download>>

Filby, A.L., and. Tyler, C.R. (2005). Molecular characterization of estrogen receptors 1, 2a and 2b and their tissue and ontogenic expression profiles in fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Biology of Reproduction 73:648-662. Download>>

Nash, J.P., Kime, D.E., van der ven, L.T.M., Wester, P.W., Brion, F., Maack, G.,Stahlschmidt-Allner, P., Tyler C.R. (2004). Long-term exposure to environmental concentrations of the pharmaceutical ethinyloestradiol cause reproductive failure in fish. Environmental Health Perspectives 112:1725-1733. Download>>

Thorpe, K., Hetheridge, M.J., Hutchinson, T.H., Scholze, M., Sumpter, J.P., and Tyler, C.R. (2003). Relative potencies and combination effects of steroidal oestrogens in fish. Environmental Science and Technology. 37:1142-1149. Download>>

Jobling, S., Coey, S., Whitmore, J. Beresford, N., Nolan, M., Brighty, G., Sumpter, J.P. and Tyler, C.R. (2002) Altered sexual maturation and gamete production in wild roach (Rutilus rutilus: Cyprinidae) exposed to treated sewage effluent in UK rivers Biology of Reproduction. 66(2):272-281. Download>>

Thorpe, K., Hetheridge, M., Hutchinson, T.H., Scholze, M., Sumpter, J.P. and Tyler, C.R. (2001). Assessing the interactive effects of binary mixtures of environmental oestrogens in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) using vitellogenin induction Environmental Science and Technology. 35:2476-2481. Download>>

Rodgers-Gray, T. P., Jobling, S., Morris, S., Kelly, C., Kirby, S., Jambakhsh, A., Harries, J.E., Waldock, M., Sumpter, J.P. and Tyler C.R. (2000). Long-term temporal changes in the oestrogenic composition of treated sewage effluent and its biological effects in fish. Environmental Science and Technology. 34:1521-1528. Download>>

Harries, J.E., Runnalls, T.,Harris, C., Hill, E., Sumpter, J.P. and Tyler, C.R.(2000). Development of a reproduction performance test for endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Environmental Science and Technology 34: 3003-3011. 1528. Download>>

Tyler, C.R., van Aerle, R., Hutchinson, T., Maddix, S, and Trip, H. (1999). An in vivo testing system for endocrine disrupters in fish early life stages using induction of vitellogenin. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 18 (2): 337-347. Download>>

Jobling, S., Nolan, M., Tyler, C.R., Brighty, G., and Sumpter, J.P. (1998). Widespread sexual disruption in wild fish. Environmental Science and Technology 32: 2498-2506. Download>>

Prat, F., Sumpter, J.P. and Tyler, C.R. (1996). Validation of radioimmunoassays for two salmon gonadotropins (gonadotropins I and II) and their plasma concentrations throughout the reproductive cycle in male and female rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Biology of Reproduction 54:1375 -1382. Download>>

Tyler, C.R., van der Eerden, Sumpter, J.P., Jobling, S. and Panter, G. (1996). Measurement of vitellogenin, a biomarker for exposure to oestrogen, in a wide variety of cyprinids. Journal of Comparative Physiology 166:418-426. Download>>

Purdom, C.E., Hardiman, P.A., Bye, V., Eno, N.C., Tyler, C.R. and Sumpter, J.P. (1994). Oestrogenic effects of effluent from sewage treatment works. Chemistry and Ecology. 8:275-285