Controlled plant growth facilities


The Geoffrey Pope building is home to a total 54 Mof controlled environment plant growth space, which is divided between four walk-in grow rooms and a number of individually programmable free standing cabinets located within the plant science laboratories. These facilities are used for the propagation and growth of high quality plant material for both teaching and research projects throughout Biosciences. The controlled growth space supports various aspects of research, including molecular plant pathology, cell biology, biochemistry and genetics. A range of plants are grown including important cereals such as wheat, rice and barley, plus the model plants Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana benthamiana.


Paddy Wakeham is the permanent Research Technician for the Controlled Plant Growth Facilities and oversees the growth of plant material throughout biosciences for both teaching and research. Paddy has been a member of the team since November 2015 and ensures the smooth running of the growth facilities, including maintaining stocks of growth media and equipment, plant propagation, seed collection and storage, and control of pests and diseases.

Research Interests:
Paddy is interested in cellular plant pathology, more specifically the role of pathogen recognition receptors in modulating plant innate immune responses.

2013 BSc Hons. (First Class) Applied Biosciences (Plant Sciences)
2012 FdSc Horticulture (Distinction)