The Bioimaging Centre's experienced staff assist researchers to obtain high quality microscopy

Bioimaging suite

The Bioimaging suite provides state-of-the art instrumentation and experienced staff to assist researchers and students to obtain high quality microscopy.

The Bio-Imaging Centre includes a Jeol JEM 1400 transmission electron microscope with Gatan ES 100W CCD camera, Tomography software and Jet Propane/Freeze substitution prep; Jeol JSM 6390 LV scanning electron microscope with SEI/BSI/LV detector modes and Gatan Alto 2100 Cryo prep; Olympus Ix81 Inverted wide field fluorescent microscope with cool snap HQ2 CCD camera, TIRF system and Metamorph software; Zeiss 510 Meta confocal microscope with blue diode, argon/2 and HeNe lasers, environmental Chamber and Axiovert 200M Inverted microscope.

A dedicated senior experimental officer runs the bio-imaging facility. For more information please contact

For further information on the facilities and to book equipment please visit the Bioimaging suite website.