The view from Geoffrey Pope, showing Newman Lecture Theatre A and the Peter Chalk Centre.
The Henry Wellcome building is fully equipped for study and research into Biocatalysis

Facilities in Exeter

The School of Biosciences is based in three buildings on the Streatham Campus in Exeter; Geoffrey Pope, Henry Wellcome building for Biocatalysis and Hatherly.

General facilities

The Geoffrey Pope building has recently undergone an upgrade, with the current network and analogue phone systems being replaced with a faster network and IP phones (Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP) throughout the building.

In the School we have our own Polycom Videoconferencing equipment which is used for teaching and administration within the School (cross-campus) and also for staff discussions and meetings around the world. Videoconferencing ensures we can maintain efficient communications within the School while minimising the environmental impact that travelling would otherwise cause.

Computer suites

The School is equipped with two independent undergraduate computer clusters and two postgraduate (Bioinformatics) clusters. The undergraduate clusters comprise one in the Geoffrey Pope Building (18 Windows-based PCs) and one in the Hatherly Laboratories (18 Windows-based PCs), each connected via a fast 100Mbit LAN network. The postgraduate clusters comprise a suite of 30 Linux-based PCs and a separate cluster of 12 Apple Macs; these are used for both teaching (selected undergraduate modules & MSc Bioinformatics) and research.

The School is very conscious of the need to keep up-to-date with computer technology and has a regular rolling replacement programme; Bioinformatics machines are currently updated every 12 months to ensure that our students’ learning environment remains 'state-of-the-art' in this fast moving discipline.


We have a Dell M1000e Modular Blade Enclosure currently with 5 blade servers; each server has two quad-core AMD Opteron processors with 32gb ram and 260gb hard disk storage. We also have a Dell PowerVault MD3000i iSCSI storage enclosure with 4Tb disk space and room for another 11tb of storage as required. This allows ample space for future expansion as more processing power is required.