Mass Spectrometry facility

Metabolomics analysis

The aim of the Mass Spectrometry facility is to provide not just a service for routine metabolomics analysis, but to work in collaboration with academics to develop project lead methods to suit individual needs. We welcome input from researchers within, and external to, the University of Exeter. The facility, which is run by an Experimental Officer, specialises in small molecules (<1000 daltons).

The technology

The Biosciences MS facility operates three instruments. The two LC-MS instruments are an Agilent 6520 accurate mass QToF MS/MS and an Agilent 6410 triple quadrupole MS/MS. These instruments are interfaced to liquid chromatography columns via ESI or APCI sources. The LC systems comprise Agilent 1200 SL binary pumps capable of rapid high resolution chromatography, photodiode array, refractive index and fluorescence detectors. LC-MS is complemented by a GC-QToF MS/MS with EI and CI sources. An additional instrument outside the facility is equipped for hydrogen-deuterium exchange experiments. Chemical analysis by MS is complemented by a 400 MHz NMR spectrometer (Bruker) and IR spectroscopy.