Michael Proctor

Lavatera arborea.

University of Exeter Fellow publishes third contribution to prestigious New Naturalist series

Dr Michael Proctor, a former Reader in Plant Ecology at the University of Exeter and an Honorary Fellow since his retirement in 1994, makes his third contribution to the popular New Naturalist series with the release of his book "Vegetation of Britain and Ireland" on the 14thof March.

The New Naturalist series, described as “an amazing achievement” by The Times Literary Supplement, is the longest running natural history series in the world. With over 100 titles published during the past 60 years the list of contributing authors reads as a “Who’s Who” of renowned naturalists, ecologists and behavioural ecologists, including the great Niko Tinbergen.

Dr. Proctor says he hopes his recent addition to the series will have “wide appeal to keen amateur naturalists” whilst at the same time as being sufficiently rigorous “to be of use to professionals seeking a grounding in British and Irish vegetation, including students and others interested in vegetation on the Continent.”

The book provides a comprehensive account of the different types of habitat found in Britain and Ireland: from woodlands and scrubland to wetlands and heaths, and from the mountain vegetation to the coastline. Dr Proctor examines the history and ecology of each habitat, tracing the influence of humans on the landscape since pre-history through to the twentieth century, and concludes these chapters by assessing prospects for the future.

The roots of this particular volume go back three decades which, alongside some beautiful illustrative pictures, makes this a remarkable contribution to the New Naturalist series. It is a valuable resource for students and researchers interested in a wide range of subjects including ecology, landscape conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Vegetation of Britain and Ireland by Michael Proctor, published by Collins on 14th of March ISBN-10: 0002201488 ISBN-13: 978-0002201483

Date: 18 March 2013

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