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Catlin Arctic Survey

Dr Ceri Lewis is working with Polar explorer Pen Hadow’s Catlin Arctic Survey to investigate climate change and the effects of carbon dioxide on the Arctic Ocean, on an ice base only 750 miles from the North Geographic Pole.

She spent a month in the Arctic and you can read about the expedition via her Twitter feed and Arctic blog.

We had a very successful trip. I was able to run 7 ocean acidification exposure experiments in my ‘under ice incubator’ for a number of copepod species, and have a large number of zooplankton trawls to analyse. Now the hard work really starts. We have brought back a lot of samples that will need hours of microscope and lab work, but the preliminary data suggests we achieved our aims and should get some nice publications out of all of our hard work. First though I’m looking forward to my first weekend off in 7 weeks!

Dr Ceri Lewis, 6th May 2011

Catlin Arctic Survey

Catlin Arctic Survey is a unique collaboration between scientists and explorers to undertake field research in the Arctic. On this third survey, scientists and explorers are examining the surface layers of the Arctic Ocean.

Environmental Biology

The Environmental Biology research group, studies how organisms interact with their surroundings and seeks to understand the mechanisms that allow them to adapt to stressful or changing
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