Biochemistry, Chemical Biology and Structural Biology

The Biochemistry, Chemical Biology & Structural Biology theme investigates life at the molecular level. We work at multiple levels of complexity that underpin cellular and organismal biology: from the synthesis of bespoke biologically active chemicals, to the dynamics and activity of individual proteins, to the assemblies of the large protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes. Our work is applied to critical real-world problems including synthetic biology, microbial infections, animal development and antibody based diagnostics.

We are experts in a broad range of methods, including synthetic chemistry, enzymology, protein biochemistry, electron cryo-microscopy and X-ray crystallography, high precision mass spectrometry, molecular biology, and high-throughput biology. Our work is being translated through extensive public engagement, spin-out companies, industrial partners, and the Exeter BioEconomy building.

We have strong links with the Cell and Molecular Biology and Development, Plant Biology and Plant-Microbe Interactions, and Microbes and Disease themes.