Emma Wood
Emma Wood

Emma Wood

Postgraduate research student

Email ew261@exeter.ac.uk
Telephone 07597 008327
Location Centre for Ecology and Conservation, Daphne du Maurier building, Cornwall Campus


2012, MbyRes Biosciences, University of Exeter
2011, BSc (Hons ) Conservation Ecology and Biology, University of Exeter
2007, BSc (Hons) Fine Art, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

PhD thesis

Telomere dynamics and the mechanistic basis of ageing in wild cooperative birds




Primary: Dr Andrew Young
Secondary: Dr Camille Bonneaud


I am a field biologist with interests in both conservation and animal behaviour.


We now know that senescence occurs in wild animals.  However, the causes of variation in ageing rates and the mechanisms that mediate senescence are not well understood.  My study system is the white-browed sparrow weaver; a cooperatively breeding bird that lives in social groups in which subordinates do not breed but help to raise offspring of the dominant pair.  Using long-term data and molecular techniques to measure telomere lengths I will be exploring the effects of social environment on ageing and how these effects are mediated by telomere dynamics.