Lowell Mills
PhD student


My background is in field ecology and science communication, having previously worked as a bird surveyor, badger surveyor and college science technician. I began to specialise in ecological subject areas shortly into my BSc degree in Zoology, and have also become interested in the role behavioural studies can play in conservation research. Ringing and nest recording I find very enjoyable and these open the door to studying avian demography in fine detail. My study species are birds including the herring gull, and currently the cuckoo and its host on Dartmoor, the meadow pipit.

Broad research specialisms:

Avian diet and behavioural ecology, demographic study and conservation.


BSc (Hons) Zoology, Newcastle University 2006-2009
MRes Ecology & Environmental Biology, University of Glasgow 2010-2011

Contact details


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