Joe Faulks

Joe Faulks

Postgraduate research student

Location Centre for Ecology and Conservation, Daphne du Maurier building, Cornwall Campus


2004 BSc (Hons) Environmental Biology, Oxford Brookes University

PhD thesis

Female mate choice and sexual selection in field crickets


Professor Tom Tregenza, Professor Allen Moore

Research interests

I am interested in all areas of behaviour but especially that of mate choice and sexual selection. A particular area of interest is the role of multiple cues in mate selection. Currently I am working closely with Dr Thor Veen looking at hybrid zones and mating barriers using two populations of field cricket; Gryllus bimaculatus and Gryllus campestris.

I am studying part-time while working in the Biosciences department as a Research Technician. In this role I provide support to a number of research areas and work closely with all members of the department.