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 Flora Rendell-Bhatti

Flora Rendell-Bhatti

Research Student



My broad interests lie in the conservation of our seas and the effects of anthropogenic pollution on marine life. My current research is focused on understanding the effect of microplastics contamination on embryonic development of marine larvae.

During my time as an undergraduate at The University of Exeter I gained hands-on experience in marine conservation by volunteering for the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in Northern Cyprus, in my first year. During my second year I volunteered for The Zoological Society of London’s Marine and Fresh Water base. Here I completed projects on Coral Transplantation, Mangrove Medicinal Properties, Turtle Species in the Philippines and gained experience working on the #One-Less campaign to reduce single-use plastic bottle use in London. Completing my Honors Project I gained experience looking at colour polymorphisms in Snakelocks Anemones, (Anemonia viridis) under the supervision of Dr Chris Lowe.

Throughout my Masters by Research I hope to continue with outreach programs, collaboration and science communication, to raise awareness and stem the tide of plastics into the marine environment.

Broad research specialisms

  • Marine Conservation
  • Marine Plastic Pollution
  • Developmental Biology
  • Public Outreach and Awareness


BSc Hons Zoology (Class I) (University of Exeter)


Research projects

Project Title: Identifying the effects of microplastic contamination on marine invertebrate embryos using fluorescent antibody staining of key embryonic structures.

Supervisors: Dr Eva Jimenez-Guri, Prof Brendan Godley and Prof Tamara Galloway (University of Exeter)

Project Description: This project will be conducted at the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus. The main research objectives are to understand how microplastics contamination is affecting the survival and fitness of marine organisms. To do this I will be looking at the developmental abnormalities derived from plastic contamination from a morphological and molecular perspective.


Supervision / Group

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