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 Sophie McCoy

Sophie McCoy

Honorary University Fellow


Sophie McCoy is community ecologist with a specialty in macroalgal and rocky shore communities. She is currently an EU FP7 Marie Curie Fellow, focused on responses of intertidal algal communities to environmental stressors, including ocean acidification, temperature, and nutrient enrichment. She uses a combination of field and laboratory experiments to link changes in community ecology to underlying physiological mechanisms.

Research interests:

  • Species interactions within macroalgal communities
  • Algal-grazer relationships
  • Grazer behavior
  • Effects of climate change on macroalgae
  • Ecology and physiology of crustose coralline algae
  • Skeletal geochemistry and sclerochronology (recent climate history)
  • Geochemical tracer techniques (modern ecology)


Sophie received her PhD from the Dept. of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago in 2014, following an ScB in Chemistry from Brown University.  



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