False-coloured cryo-SEM of aphid (Family: Aphididae) on broad bean leaf. Mag  x270.
Cryo-SEM of Drosophila melanogaster head. Mag x160.
False-coloured SEM of Ustilago maydis fungal spores. Mag x7.500.
False-coloured cryo-SEM of leaf of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). Mag x220.

The Bioimaging Centre is a research facility within the School of Biosciences providing both state of the art instrumentation and experienced staff to assist researchers and students in collaborative and multidisciplinary research by applying advanced cellular imaging techniques to address key questions in biology.

We are located on Floor 1 of the Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter, and support both the department of Biosciences as well as the Living Systems Institute. We are funded by a strategic award from the Wellcome Trust.

The Centre is headed by the director and run by an experimental officer who is actively involved in study design, research and teaching. Two research technicians support the Centre in equipment maintenance, sample preparation and imaging. We fully integrate both modalities, with transmission and scanning electron microscopes sitting side-by-side to laser scanning confocal and wide-field fluorescence microscopes. Although set up as a single integrated facility we have a separate research technician for both domains of the facility in order to provide efficient and high quality service covering the varied aspects of modern microscopy.

Our aim is to support research projects within the University of Exeter, as well as external requests and collaborations with state of the art facilities for both light and electron microscopy users.

If you have any questions about the Bioimaging Centre or would like to use any of our microscopes or other equipment, then please get in contact with us.