Jeol JEM-1400 Transmission Electron Microscope








This microscope was acquired and installed in 2007. It is a120Kv instrument with a magnification range of 50x – 800,0000x. The resolution is 0.20nm (lattice image). The microscope has the capability to carry out Tomography having a 5 axis Stage Motorisation and Stage Position Memory / Recall system plus Gatan electron tomography software. It has a side mounted Gatan ES1000W (4008X2672 pixel) CCD camera that allows rapid viewing and for applications requiring a large field of view. The microscope is networked to the Bioimaging server allowing the digital images to be remotely accessed. It has provided quality images for both biological and material samples.


  • Accelerating voltage: up to 120kv
  • Resolution: 0.2nm
  • Magnification range: 50x – 800,000
  • Automated control: fully automated gun control, Autofocus, autostigmatism
  • High Tilt Sample Retainers (+/-70o)