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Wide Field Microscope (Olympus IX81)

The Olympus IX81 is an integrated system for advanced wide-field fluorescence imaging and analysis. It is equipped with a sensitive CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD camera for high resolution fluorescent images. You have the option to use lasers to excite your sample to improve the sensitivity and reduce fluorescent background.  In addition the system is equipped with an objective Piezo for high precession and fast Z sectioning as well as a 2D-VisiFRAP Real-time Scanner for FRAP / Photo activation experiments.  In the wide-field transmitted light imaging mode, DIC is available on most lenses.

This system is perfect high quality fluorescence imaging were you need a good sensitivity and fast acquisition speed but confocality is not of importance.

  • Life cell or fixed sample imaging
  • Z sectioning
  • Time series capture
  • Co –localisation studies
  • FRAP / Photo activation


  • simple setup with very little preparation required
  • very sensitive
  • high imaging speed


  • no control depth of field
  • limited capability to collect serial optical sections from thick specimens

Motorised inverted microscope (Olympus IX81)


  • UPlanFL N 10x / 0.3 Air
  • UApo N 340 40x / 1.35 Oil
  • UPlanSApo 60x / 1.35 Oil
  • UPlanSApo 100x/1.40 Oil

Filter sets

  • DAPI
  • CFP
  • YFP
  • GFP
  • mCherry

GFP/mCherry Dual cube
Mercury arc lamp

Laser lines

LaserExcitiation Lines (nm)Colour of fluorophoresExamples of fluorophores
Blue diode 405 Blue DAPI / Alexa 350
488 Solid State Lasers 488 Green GFP / Alexa 488 / FITC
561 Solid State Lasers 561 Red mCherry / TagRFR / Alexa 568
  • D-VisiFRAP Realtime Scanner (Visitron Systems)
  • Dual Beam Splitter for simultaneous observation of green and red
  • CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD camera
  • On stage Incubator with continuous temperature and CO2 feedback control for live cell work
  • Objective Piezo of 100µm range for high precession and fast Z sectioning