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Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope

Spinning disk microscopy is an established imaging technique for imaging both dynamic and light-sensitive processes in living cells. The system uses the Yokogawa CSUX1 spinning disk head and coupled with a CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD camera (Photometrics). It is capable of capturing high speed confocal data sets. The microscope employs a on stage heated environmental chamber with the ability to set, maintain and monitor temperature and CO2 levels as imaging conditions dictate. Equipped with a 2D-VisiFRAP Real-time Scanner this system is primed for FRAP and Photo-activation study’s in combination with the advantage of capturing high speed confocal data sets. In addition the system is equipped with a Eppendorf micro injector to manipulate single cells using antibody’s, dyes, drugs or siRNA within your sample.

  • Life cell imaging
  • Z sectioning
  • Time series capture
  • Co –localisation studies
  • FRAP / Photo activation
  • Injection of antibody’s, dyes, drugs or siRNA into single cells


  • this confocal technique allows acquisition of images at very high frame rates
  • ideal for the observation of photo-sensitive specimens as the sample is irradiated quickly and with less intense laser light
  • these qualities make Spinning Disk confocal microscopy particularly well suited to high speed 3D imaging of living


  • most of the illumination light does not pass through the disk, and when this light is reflected by the disk surface, it can result in high background levels

Motorised inverted microscope (Olympus IX81)


  • UPlanFL N 10x / 0.3 Air
  • UApo N 340 40x / 1.35 Oil
  • UPlanSApo 60x / 1.35 Oil
  • UPlanSApo 100x/1.40 Oil

Laser lines

LaserExcitiation Lines (nm)Colour of fluorophoresExamples of fluorophores
Blue diode 405 Blue DAPI / Alexa 350
488 Solid State Lasers 488 Green GFP / Alexa 488 / FITC
561 Solid State Lasers 561 Red mCherry / TagRFR / Alexa 568
  • CSU-X1 Spinning Disc unit (Yokogawa)
  • 2D-VisiFRAP Realtime Scanner (Visitron Systems)
  • Dual Beam Splitter for simultaneous observation of green and red
  • CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD camera
  • On stage Incubator with continuous temperature and CO2 feedback control for live cell work
  • Objective Piezo of 100µm range for high precession and fast Z sectioning
  • Eppendorf micro injector

Spinning disk: Transient expression in tobacco leaf epidermal cells 2 days after infiltration