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Wide Field Microscope (Zeiss Axiophot)

The Axiophot from Zeiss is an upright microscope. The system is intended for an easy and fast approach to fluorescence microscopy of live and fixed samples. It has a wide range of objectives and a sensitive CCD camera for high quality images. So it is perfect for sample screening and preliminary experiments.

  • Life cell or fixed sample imaging


  • Simple setup with very little preparation required
  • Sensitive
  • High imaging speed


  • No control depth of field
  • No capability to collect serial optical sections from thick specimens

Upright microscope


  • Plan Neofluar 10x / 0.3 Air
  • Plan Neofluar 20x / 0.5 Air
  • Plan Neofluar 40x / 0.75 Air
  • Plan Neofluar 100x / 1.30 Oil

Filter sets

  • DAPI
  • GFP / FITC
  • TRITC / RFP Cy3
  • Cy5

Mercury arc lamp
Spot Pursuit™ 1.4 MP Monochrome camera CCD camera