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Meet the team

Our people

Our people

Our people


Professor Gero Steinberg

Director of the Bioimaging Unit, Professor of Cell Biology

Since 2007 I am Professor of Cell Biology in Exeter and director of the Bioimaging Centre in the School of Biosciences. Nowadays, I am most interested in how dynamic processes support the function of cells. We are using live cell imaging of proteins and organelles in fungal cells to answer fundamental cell biological questions, but also address fungicide mode of action and the molecular basis of invasive growth in fungal plant infection. Our cell biology research helps to understand fungal pathogenicity, but also reveals evolutionary conserved mechanisms of spatial organisation in eukaryotic cells.

Phone: +44 (0)1392 723476

Core members

Dr Christian Hacker

Facility Manager - Experimental Officer for Electron Microscopy

After obtaining a diploma in biology at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany, I began my PhD in the lab of Prof. Marie-Christine Dabauvalle, focussing on the formation of nuclear pore complexes after mitosis. In 2010 I started a postdoctoral position at the University of Dundee in the lab of Dr John Lucocq working on the function and biogenesis of microsporidian mitosomes. That position involved the application of various electron microscopic techniques and quantitation methods which I was trained on continuously during my research. In 2012 I followed Dr Lucocq to the University of St Andrews where I continued to work on the cell biology of microsporidia as well as being involved in the establishment of a biological transmission electron microscope. During that period I participated in numerous collaborations with various groups in St Andrews as well as UK-wide projects involving quantitative electron microscopy. Since 2013 I have been a teacher at the EMBO practical course for advanced electron microscopy for cell biology.

In March 2015 I started my position as an experimental officer for electron microscopy in the Bioimaging Centre and shortly after took over the research facility managment.

Phone: +44 1392 722715

Dr Corin Liddle

Senior Research Technician for Light Microscopy

After obtaining a degree in Environmental Biology at Plymouth University, I worked as a research assistant within the Ecotoxicology Research & Innovation Centre (ERIC), Plymouth University, where I developed my use of widefield microscopy, while imaging zebrafish. Subsequently, I undertook my PhD research at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, where I studied the fate and toxicity of silver nanomaterials (AgNM). I then worked as a research fellow at Exeter University, where I investigated the interaction and transfer of nanoplastics within a simple food web. During this project I extensively applied fluorescence and confocal imaging, and image quantitation and processing techniques. Since February 2020 I have been supporting the light microscopy users, within the Bioimaging center. In 2022 I was appointed to Senior research technician of light microscopy for the Bioimaging Centre.

Phone: +44 1392 722053

Dr Lenka Koptasikova

Senior Research Technician for Electron Microscopy

I am currently a Senior Research Technician specializing in Electron Microscopy at the Bioimaging Centre. My main responsibilities include preparing samples for electron microscopy, specifically TEM and SEM imaging. I also provide training to facility users and teach University students. I gained my EM-related skills while working as a Junior Electron Microscopist at the Imaging Methods Core Facility in Prague between 2017-2023. My expertise lies in conventional biological sample preparation for EM, ultramicrotomy, TEM imaging, as well as advanced techniques such as vitrification, cryo-sectioning, and immunolabelling.

Phone: +44 1392 722715

Verena Hacker

Research Finance Administrator

In 2020 I started working as a Finance Administrator for the Bioimaging Centre. My role is to take care of all financial aspects of the Centre including setting up new projects, invoicing microscope usage, budget control and general communication with regards to all financial enquiries.


Associate members 

Dr Martin Schuster

Research Fellow

I previously worked as an Experimental Officer at the Bioimaging Centre in Exeter to run the light microscopy part of the Centre. In spring 2016 I became Research Fellow in Prof. G. Steinberg's group. I still support the Bioimaging Centre in imaging applications.