Human Biological and Cultural Evolution Group


Staff in Cornwall

NameResearch Interests
Mike Cant Evolution of animal and human societies
Life history
Cognitive evolution
Tom Currie Cultural evolution
Evolution of social and political complexity
Sasha Dall Adaptation under risk and uncertainty
Social information use
Personality variation
Alex Mesoudi Human cultural evolution
Shakti Lamba Cooperation
Cultural evolution
Behavioural economics
Self deception
Andy Russell Cooperative breeding
Life-history evolution
Animal language
Alex Thornton Comparative cognition
Cultural evolution 
Andy Young Conflict

Post doctoral researchers

  • Guillam McIvor (BBSRC Associate Research Fellow)
    The evolution of corvid intelligence: development, mechanisms and function of cognitive abilities in wild jackdaws

PhD Students

  • Philippa Brakes - Significance of social complexity and culture for cetacean conservation management
  • Adam Flitton – Cultural evolution of economic growth
  • Michael Kings - Cooperation, cognition and culture in wild jackdaws
  • Alice Williams - Evolution of socio-political complexity
  • Richard Woods - Communication and cognition in wild jackdaws

MRes Students

  • Victoria Lee  – Corvid communication and social intelligence
  • Feargus Cooney – Cognitive evolution in wasps