Biosciences at the University of Exeter is at the leading edge of teaching and learning in this rapidly developing and highly relevant science.  We offer an exceptional range of degree programmes and module choices covering everything from the molecular scale to whole ecosystem functioning. We deliver a dynamic curriculum, driven by the passion of our staff for their subject and engagement with a positive student experience.  

You will be taught by world-leading experts in subjects at the frontiers of systems biology, conservation and ecology, whole organism biology and microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, computational biology and biological chemistry. Our New Ways of Learning committee ensures we remain at the forefront of teaching and learning across the biological sciences, and our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes are designed to stimulate and stretch your imagination through lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences, as well as through digital technologies that promote immersive learning in real and virtual environments. We offer our students vital training in practical aspects of the subject utilizing cutting-edge technologies, as well as developing field skills in marine and terrestrial environments.  

Students can participate in a study abroad year with one of our many partners, or undertake a 12-month placement in research labs, industry or science-focused business. The culmination of our programmes at every level is the opportunity to take part in original research, where students work alongside masters/PhD students, post-docs and academic staff, forging a new understanding of the ever-changing natural world around us.