The Henry Wellcome building for Biocatalysis, linked to the Geoffrey Pope and Peter Chalk buildings

Facilities in the Henry Wellcome building for Biocatalysis

The Exeter Biocatalysis Centre, located in the Henry Wellcome building (between the Newman and Geoffrey Pope buildings), is easily accessible by the covered walkway. Facilities available to students within the Exeter Biocatalysis Centre include:

  • Category 2 microbiology lab, for culturing bacterial and yeast cells (volumes up to 12 litres at any one time); cell lysis and clarification; gene cloning and protein over-expression and other general microbiology work
  • Radioactive area: available for low level radioactive work, including on micro-organisms
  • Dark room: for light sensitive work
  • Protein purification equipment - 5 automated liquid chromatography instruments for protein work, and 1 HPLC. These are for the isolation, purification and analysis of proteins and small molecules, at laboratory scale
  • X-ray instrument for analysis of protein and small molecule crystals, fibre diffraction, and X-ray scattering. Fully equipped with detectors and sample cooling facilities. All the equipment is housed in a shielded room for user safety
  • Crystallisation facilities: air conditioned room for crystal growth; equipped with a Douglas instruments crystallisation robot, microscopes (one with a PC linked camera) and temperature controlled incubators
  • Protein structure PC suite, equipped with several high quality PCs, all configured for use with a variety of software tools for protein structure determination and analysis
  • Dynamic light scattering instrument: for determining the size of particles in solution, and the distribution of particle sizes in a mixed sample
  • Stopped flow instrument: for accurate determination of the kinetics of chemical and biochemical reactions
  • LC Platform Mass Spectrometer: for accurate mass determination of small molecules and proteins
  • Gas Chromatography system: for analysis of small molecules

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