Post-doc working in the laboratory in Geoffrey Pope.

Don't take things for granted

Biosciences newly reformed Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN) kicked off the spring with the opportunity to ask all your pressing questions about how to write and target a successful grant application during a workshop on the 15th April.

No matter what stage of your research career you a currently in, somewhere tucked in your to do list will be the opportunity to apply for a hotly contested grant. Whether it is the latest round of NERC grants or the PREF funding that will make the difference to your PhD, writing a successful grant application is a string needed in everyone’s academic bow. On Wednesday the 15th of April, five successful PIs from the department will build upon their shared experience to answer your questions. The workshop and accompanying refreshments from 2 till 4.30 will provide an informal sounding board open to questions and comments from PhDs to PostDocs and beyond.

This is not the only event lined up in the calendar from the ECRN. In May a "Careers outside academia" event will be hosted by Dr Erin Reardon. Keep a keen eye on Twitter as details will follow soon, @ECRNBioSci. The ECRN is run entirely by early career researchers and aims to build a platform for skills sharing and support across biosciences. If you are doing a PhD or PostDoc and want to get involved or have ideas for workshops, seminars and social events you want to see, then contact either:

Date: 16 April 2015

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