Top left to bottom right: Dr Dan Bebber, Dr Andrew Griffiths, Dr Ben Temperton and Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Sarris.

Exeter Biosciences welcomes four new lecturers for start of academic year

The Exeter Biosciences department is pleased to welcome four new academics.

Dr Dan Bebber - Senior Lecturer in Microbial Ecology, Dr Andrew Griffiths- Lecturer in Biological Sciences and Dr. Ben Temperton- Lecturer in Bioinformatics, joining 1st September 2015 and Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Sarris- Senior Lecturer in Plant Sciences, joining 4th January 2016. All four will be based in the Geoffrey Pope building and will attract a breadth of multi-disciplinary research to Biosciences.

Dr Dan Bebber has worked as Senior Research Fellow in Biosciences at University of Exeter for the past two years, since January 2013, having moved to Exeter from Oxford with Professor Sarah Gurr. Dan was previously Head of Climate Change Research at the Earthwatch Institute in Oxford and has managed international field research into forest management and climate change. Based in room 323, he will work on the influence of environmental factors on the emergence of plant pests and pathogens and their impact on food security, holding collaborations within Biosciences with Professor Sarah Gurr and Dr. Tom Richards and across the Department of Geography and the Met Office in Exeter.

Dr Andrew Griffiths completed his NERC-funded PhD at Exeter in 2006 with Dr. Jamie Stevens in Biosciences, researching the population structure of brown trout in Dartmoor National Park and has since focussed on using molecular techniques to understand ecological population structure in marine and freshwater fish. Most recently he has worked as a lecturer at University of Bristol, and at Exeter he will now be based in room 416 and will teach on the Biosciences programmes.

Dr Ben Temperton worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Oregon where he researched the role of marine microbial community interactions in global biogeochemical nutrient cycling, making a novel virus discovery and creating one of the largest metaproteomics datasets. Most recently he has held the post of Bioinformatician at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and at Exeter he will be based in room 323 and will collaborate with Dr Konrad Paszkiewicz, Dr Mark van der Giezen, Dr Steve Aves, Dr Tom Richards, Dr Stefano Pagliara and Professor Gero Steinberg.

Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Sarris’s research focuses on molecular host-microbe interactions, involving genomics, phylogenetics and molecular methods. Since May 2012, holding a Marie Curie fellowship, he has worked as a Senior Research Associate in Professor Jonathon Jones’s group at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, studying the importance of pathogen effector recognition via plant resistance proteins in defence activation. At Exeter, he will be based in room 415 and will work on immunity and disease resistance in plants in collaboration with Professor Nick Talbot, Professor Murray Grant and Dr Chris Thornton.

On behalf of the department, Professor Sarah Gurr, Head of Biosciences, commented that “we are delighted to welcome all of our new appointees; they bring new skills and a wealth of research expertise to Biosciences”.

Date: 9 September 2015

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