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Disease Ecology and Evolution

This theme combines theoretical, statistical, experimental, and genetic/genomic approaches to understand the interplay between evolution, ecology and epidemiology of parasitic diseases.

A central focus of the theme is to understand the cause and consequence of parasite hosts and/or geographical shifts. Integrating effects of microbiomes is also key to much of our work.

We explore these questions in a range of systems:

  • insect (bee and drosophila) viruses;
  • bacterial pathogens of birds and fungal and bacterial crops;
  • the spread of Lyme’s disease throughout vertebrate communities;
  • amphibian viruses;
  • macrooparasites of wild dogs;
  • bovine tuberculosis;
  • macroevolutionary radiations of eukaryotic single celled parasites;
  • and disease susceptibility in aquaculture

Specialists in Disease Ecology and Evolution: