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Insect Evolutionary Ecology

This research theme focuses on understanding how both micro- and macro-evolutionary processes shapes the lives of insects.

Many topics studied encompass how insects adapt to changes in their environment, including:

  • the evolution of resistance to natural and synthetic insecticides
  • the genetic basis of migration
  • behavioural plasticity in the context of parental care and sexual selection
  • sexual selection and sexual conflict in insect adaptation
  • the evolution of insect eusociality
  • macroevolution of arthropod organ systems 
  • the role of transposable elements in insect evolution

We make use of recent advances in genomics/transcriptomics and post-genomic functional approaches to study molecular evolution through to function. Our research utilises laboratories in the SERSF and Stella Turk buildings, plus a new experimental entomology facility for working on major crop pest and GMOs. 

Specialists in Insect Evolutionary Ecology