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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Alice Trevail

Dr Alice Trevail

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 +44 (0) 1326 259467

 Environment and Sustainability Institute ESI 01.03


Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


My research aims to understand how the environment can shape animal movement. In particular, I am interested in where animals forage given the complex and diverse range of foraging opportunities within their surrounding environment. I'm a postdoctoral researcher on the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science Seabird project in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London. This project aims to understand the causes and consequences of seabird connectivity in the Western Indian Ocean.


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Journal articles

Dunn RE, Freeman R, Nicoll MA, Ramsden J, Trevail AM, Wood H, Votier SC (2024). From route to dive: multi-scale habitat selection in a foraging tropical seabird. Marine Biology, 171(6). Abstract.
Trevail A, Wood H, Carr P, Dunn R, Nicoll M, Votier S, Freeman R (2023). Multi-colony tracking reveals segregation in foraging range, space use, and timing in a tropical seabird. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 724, 155-165.
Grémillet D, Ponchon A, Provost P, Gamble A, Abed-Zahar M, Bernard A, Courbin N, Delavaud G, Deniau A, Fort J, et al (2023). Strong breeding colony fidelity in northern gannets following high pathogenicity avian influenza virus (HPAIV) outbreak. Biological Conservation, 286 Abstract.
Trevail AM, Nicoll MAC, Freeman R, Le Corre M, Schwarz J, Jaeger A, Bretagnolle V, Calabrese L, Feare C, Lebarbenchon C, et al (2023). Tracking seabird migration in the tropical Indian Ocean reveals basin-scale conservation need. Current Biology, 33(23), 5247-5256.e4.
Carr P, Trevail AM, Koldewey HJ, Sherley RB, Wilkinson T, Wood H, Votier SC (2022). Marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in the Chagos Archipelago. Bird Conservation International, 33
Descamps S, Harris SM, Fluhr J, Bustamante P, Cherel Y, Trevail AM, Brault-Favrou M, Patrick SC (2022). Variation in Antarctic Petrel Foraging Ecology: Not all Individuals Specialize on Krill. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9
Trevail AM, Green JA, Bolton M, Daunt F, Harris SM, Miller PI, Newton S, Owen E, Polton JA, Robertson G, et al (2021). Environmental heterogeneity promotes individual specialisation in habitat selection in a widely distributed seabird. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY, 90(12), 2875-2887.  Author URL.
Carr P, Trevail A, Barrios S, Clubbe C, Freeman R, Koldewey HJ, Votier SC, Wilkinson T, Nicoll MAC (2021). Potential benefits to breeding seabirds of converting abandoned coconut plantations to native habitats after invasive predator eradication. RESTORATION ECOLOGY, 29(5).  Author URL.
Hays GC, Koldewey HJ, Andrzejaczek S, Attrill MJ, Barley S, Bayley DTI, Benkwitt CE, Block B, Schallert RJ, Carlisle AB, et al (2020). A review of a decade of lessons from one of the world’s largest MPAs: conservation gains and key challenges. Marine Biology, 167(11).
Williams HJ, Taylor LA, Benhamou S, Bijleveld AI, Clay TA, de Grissac S, Demšar U, English HM, Franconi N, Gómez-Laich A, et al (2020). Optimizing the use of biologgers for movement ecology research. Journal of Animal Ecology, 89(1), 186-206. Abstract.
Busdieker KM, Patrick SC, Trevail AM, Descamps S (2020). Prey density affects predator foraging strategy in an Antarctic ecosystem. Ecology and Evolution, 10(1), 350-359. Abstract.
Trevail AM, Green JA, Sharples J, Polton JA, Arnould JPY, Patrick SC (2019). Environmental heterogeneity amplifies behavioural response to a temporal cycle. Oikos, 128(4), 517-528. Abstract.
Trevail AM, Green JA, Sharples J, Polton JA, Miller PI, Daunt F, Owen E, Bolton M, Colhoun K, Newton S, et al (2019). Environmental heterogeneity decreases reproductive success via effects on foraging behaviour. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 286(1904). Abstract.
Provencher JF, Bond AL, Avery-Gomm S, Borrelle SB, Bravo Rebolledo EL, Hammer S, Kühn S, Lavers JL, Mallory ML, Trevail A, et al (2017). Quantifying ingested debris in marine megafauna: a review and recommendations for standardization. Analytical Methods, 9(9), 1454-1469. Abstract.
Trevail AM, Gabrielsen GW, Kühn S, Van Franeker JA (2015). Elevated levels of ingested plastic in a high Arctic seabird, the northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis). Polar Biology, 38(7), 975-981. Abstract.

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