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Dr Ann Power

Dr Ann Power

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


 01392 723105

 Biocatalysis Centre BC2.1


Biocatalysis Centre, University of Exeter, The Henry Wellcome Building for Biocatalysis, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD , UK


I am a multi-disciplinary Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the College for Life and Environmental Sciences, a Geographer based in the Biosciences Department. 

My primary research focuses on reconstructing histories of particulate pollution using urban pond sediments.  By applying geomagnetism, geochemistry, radiometric dating, light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy  to urban sediment archives, I have produced site-specific air pollution records for Chinese megacities, and developed a cross-regional air pollution signal for NW England that spans from the Industrial Revolution to present day. I also investigate long-term environmental change using peat cores and contemporary, spatial patterns of pollution deposition using street dusts and atmospheric filters. 

My research also extends to microbiology, as well as the novel use of imaging flow cytometry for the detection of pollution tracers and indicators of environmental change in a range of sediments, ice and most recently, fatbergs. 

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PhD (2011) - Edge Hill University

BSc Environmental Science (2004) - University of Wolverhampton




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