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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Britta Kuempers

Dr Britta Kuempers

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 Geoffrey Pope M01 Mezzanine floor


Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter , Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD, UK


I am a botanist interested in the evolution and diversity of plant development. I want to widen our understanding of the huge range of form and function of plant organs. So far, I have worked on organ development (roots, leaves and flowers) of several model and non-model plants (Arabidopsis, Cleome, Flaveria and Sapotaceae species). In Exeter I will be working on duckweed frond development.


2010-14 PhD in Plant Sciences (Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge)

2009-10 MSc Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh/ University of Edinburgh)

2005-09 BSc Biology with Honours in Plant Sciences (University of Edinburgh)


2014-2019: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Plant and Crop Sciences at the University of Nottingham working on root vascular patterning in Arabidopsis.

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Journal articles

Mellor N, Vaughan-Hirsch J, Kumpers BMC, Help-Rinta-Rahko H, Miyashima S, Mahonen AP, Campilho A, Kings JR, Bishopp A (2019). A core mechanism for specifying root vascular patterning can replicate the anatomical variation seen in diverse plant species. DEVELOPMENT, 146(6).  Author URL.
Orosa-Puente B, Leftley N, von Wangenheim D, Banda J, Srivastava AK, Hill K, Truskina J, Bhosale R, Morris E, Srivastava M, et al (2018). Root branching toward water involves posttranslational modification of transcription factor ARF7. SCIENCE, 362(6421), 1407-+.  Author URL.
Kümpers BMC, Burgess SJ, Reyna-Llorens I, Smith-Unna R, Boursnell C, Hibberd JM (2017). Shared characteristics underpinning C<inf>4</inf> leaf maturation derived from analysis of multiple C<inf>3</inf> and C<inf>4</inf> species of Flaveria. Journal of Experimental Botany, 68(2), 177-189. Abstract.
Kümpers BMC, Richardson JE, Anderberg AA, Wilkie P, Ronse De Craene LP (2016). The significance of meristic changes in the flowers of Sapotaceae. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 180(2), 161-192. Abstract.
Kümpers BMC, Bishopp A (2015). Plant grafting: Making the right connections. Current Biology, 25(10), R411-R413. Abstract.
Aubry S, Kelly S, Kümpers BMC, Smith-Unna RD, Hibberd JM (2014). Deep Evolutionary Comparison of Gene Expression Identifies Parallel Recruitment of Trans-Factors in Two Independent Origins of C<inf>4</inf> Photosynthesis. PLoS Genetics, 10(6). Abstract.
Covshoff S, Burgess SJ, Kneřová J, Kümpers BMC (2014). Getting the most out of natural variation in C<inf>4</inf> photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Research, 119(1-2), 157-167. Abstract.

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