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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Charlie Jeynes

Dr Charlie Jeynes

STFC 'innovation' Research Fellow


 01392 727471

 Living Systems Institute Level 3, Room T03.02


Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD


Please see my lab website.

Dr Charlie Jeynes is an STFC 'Innovation' Research Fellow working at the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis, University of Exeter, U.K. This centre is an Institutional Strategic Support Fund, with the aim of developing computational analysis and mathematical modelling within the life sciences.   

After studying for a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics at the University of Wales, Cardiff, he moved to the University of Surrey where he was awarded a PhD functionalising carbon nanotubes with DNA.

He then worked as a Post-Doc for the CONFORM consortium, a collaboration between a number of institutions including the Universities of Oxford/Surrey/Manchester and the Cockcroft Institute, investigating next generation particle accelerators largely for cancer treatment.

Following this, he worked as the scientific officer for the U.K. National Ion Beam Centre, facilitating beam access for various institutions, as well as pursuing his own research interests into nanoparticle enhanced radiation therapies.

He then moved to the University of Reading where he completed his Higher Education associate fellow training (AFHFA) as a Teaching Fellow.

While at the University of Exeter, he has worked as an independant Wellcome Trust Fellow at the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis, working with a range of academics including Prof Christian Soeller and Prof John Terry - largely on correlative single molecule imaging technologies using nanoparticles.

He was recently awarded an STFC 'Innovation' Research Fellowship working with Tim Harries to pursue modelling and experimental techniques to investigate how nanoparticles can be used in Photodynamic Therapy. 

Broad research specialisms:

  • X-ray fluorescence microscopy
  • Single Molecule Imaging
  • Image Processing
  • Radiation Biology
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Nanotechnology


2015 Associate Fellow Higher Education Academy
2003-2007 Ph.D, Bio-nanotechnology, University of Surrey
1999-2003 B.Sc, Biochemistry and Genetics, University of Cardiff (year in industry Merck KgA)



University of Exeter – STFC ‘Innovation’ Research Fellow –

A 3 year Fellowship, in collaboration with Prof Tim Harries (UoE), to continue my research in metal nanoparticle probes for cancer photodynamic therapy


University of Exeter – Wellcome Trust ISSF Research Fellow –

A highly competitive award with £10K consumables to pursue my own research interests; supported by the Institution Science Support Funded (ISSF) Centre of Biomedical Modelling and Analysis; 50% of my time was spent using my skills in quantitative imaging with academics in Exeter ad beyond.


University of Reading – Teaching Fellow

I lectured large (>300) and small (<5) groups mainly biochemistry related modules. I also obtained my Higher Education Award.


UK National Ion Beam Centre (Surrey) – Scientific Experimental Officer

My role was to facilitate experiments from a range of scientists on the proton induced X-ray fluorescent imaging spectroscopy beamline 


CONFORM project (Universities of Oxford, Surrey & Cockcroft Institute)

Post-doc position where I developed a proton beamline capable of irradiating and analysing human tissue – for applications in proton cancer therapy


Merck KgA, Newport, UK (industrial placement)

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Research interests

The broad theme of my work is to investigate nanoparticles for human health. This includes studying the toxic effect of nanoparticles from air pollution; using nanoparticles to develop new tools to probe biological processes on a single molecule level; as well as developing novel drugs based on nanoparticle designs.

Key to my research is using analytical imaging methods to quantify nanoparticles in human cells and tissue.

I use a range of imaging techniques including electron microscopy, chemical imaging (Infra-Red/Raman), X-ray fluorescence microscopy (see IBC, Diamond Synchrotron) optical super resolution microscopy and fluorescent imaging.

I am also involved in a range of “seed corn” projects with academics at the University of Exeter supported through the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis. These projects involve utilising my analytical imaging skills for novel applications.

Research projects

Please see my lab website for current/past research projects.



BBSRC-Research Experience Placement student (2.5K, I was awarded this to host a student at UoE to assist me in advancing qCLEM probes, and for their own career development, with myself as Principle Supervisor)


Science and Technologies Facilities Council (£6K, A workshop to bring together simulation experts, image specialist and experimentalists to develop multi-scale models in biology, Queen’s Belfast April 2018)


EPSRC (£9.8K, beamtime funding for UK National Ion Beam Centre [IBC])

The IBC is an EPSRC medium scale facility offering competitive beamtime access (PI with F.Palombo, Exeter)


Royal Society (£3K, Partnership Award - see outreach section) 


Royal Society (£3K, International Exchange Award)

This was a personal award to visit my collaborator Prof Andrew Bettiol @ National University of Singapore to work on X-ray nano-imaging 


Diamond Lightsource Synchrotron (‘in kind’ £10K Beamtime Access Award)

Highly competitive beamtime access granted through peer review & panel


Royal Society of Chemistry (£1K, Partnership Award – see outreach section)


Wellcome Trust ‘Seed Corn’ ISSF Award (£10K)

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External Engagement and Impact

Editorial responsibilities

Reviewer for a number of journals including Nanotechnology, Chemosphere and PLOS one. 

Invited lectures

June 2018:Conference talk at South West Structural Biology Conference 2018, Exeter“Dual-purpose gold nanoparticle probes for quantification in structural biology”

September 2017:Conference talk at Recent Appointments in Material Science Conference 2017, Exeter“Constructing quantitative X-ray fluorescence super resolution gold nanoparticle probes to measure biophysical properties of human chromosomes”

March 2017:Invited talk at Monte Carlo Multi-scale Modelling in Radiotherapy: From Ionisation to Clinical Impact, 2017 Manchester “Aligning experiments and models; commercial software symposium”

September 2016:Conference talk at BioDynamics Workshop 2016, Exeter“Measuring the length of human telomeres with XRF to inform cell ageing models”

July 2016:Conference talk at 16thIUBMB Conference, Vancouver, Canada “Getting more from QFISH: Correlation of Super Resolution Microscopy and X-ray Spectroscopy on nanoparticle probed telomeres”

June 2016:Invited talk at Department of Physics, National University of Singapore “Correlation of Super Resolution and X-ray Spectroscopy on nanoparticle probed telomeres”

September 2014:Invited talk at 8thInternational Symposium on BioPIXE, Slovenia “Measuring and modelling gold nanoparticles uptake in individual cancer cells with X-ray fluorescence”

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I am currently supervising with course lead James Wakefield, and Christian Soeller, a number of 3rd year undergraduate projects on the Natural Sciences degree.

PhD Students (PG researchers):

I am currently involved in a Doctoral Training Centre associated with CBMA  and co-supervising a number of PhD students.

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Supervision / Group

Postgraduate researchers

  • I am currently involved in a Doctoral Training Centre associated with CBMA and co-supervising and helping a number of Ph.D students.

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