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Dr Daniel Sankey

 Stella Turk Building 


University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, TR10 9FE


My research focusses on social behaviour and collective behaviour in animal groups. Specifically I ask questions about the evolution of social behaviours or phenotypes, then attempt to answer these by identifying mechanisms which support predictions.

Animal tracking technology (Drone footage/ GPS/ accelerometry/ magnetometry) allows me to utilise my talents for coding and geometry. I use a variety of coding software in my PhD to visualise, transform and analyse data.

Current position: Overview of my role and interaction with collaborators.

As part of a large interdisciplinary team led by Michael Cant, we will investigate an evolutionary understanding of how competition between groups influences collective decision-making.

With the support of Dan Franks (University of York), I will learn and utilise learning machine learning algorithms to identify individual mongooses from drone footage, and furthermore, the influence of particular individuals over collective decisions of the group. We will be collecting these data to test theory driven hypotheses, from models which I will help build with the support of Rufus Johnstone (University of Cambridge) and Michael Cant (University of Exeter). Social network analysis will be aided by Darren Croft (University of Exeter). All of the above will be supported by mongoose, fieldwork, and intergroup conflict expert Faye Thompson (University of Exeter).


PhD Biological Sciences (2016-2019). Royal Holloway University of London.

MRes Biosciences (2015-2016). Swansea University

BSc Chemistry (2006-2009). University of Bristol



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