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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Mengjiao (Melissa) Wang

Dr Mengjiao (Melissa) Wang

Honorary Research Fellow (Greenpeace)

 01392 247929

 Innovation Centre Phase 2 0/03


Innovation Centre Phase 2, University of Exeter,  Rennes Drive,  Exeter,  EX4 4RN, UK


Mengjiao Wang (Melissa) obtained a degree in Environmental Science from Nanjing University, and a PhD in Marine Environmental Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She worked in the Environmental Consulting industry before joining the Greenpeace Research Laboratories as a Senior Scientist in 2012.  Melissa’s work includes organic analysis for environmental forensics research to support analytical projects around the world, as well as advising and representing Greenpeace on technical aspects of management of hazardous chemicals, marine litter and microplastics at the science-policy interface. She is also interested in further exploration of synergies and nexus among different environmental science and policy areas, e.g. climate change, biodiversity, agriculture, chemicals, waste and pollution

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