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Isabel Driscoll

MSc by Research student



My broad interests lie in studying animal behaviour and cognition in the wild, to gain insight into the multifaceted influences the physical and social environment have on an individual’s behavior. I am specifically interested in the development of behaviours. In particular behaviours shaped through social learning and interactions, and how early life experiences can have lifelong fitness consequences.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Animal behavior
  • Animal cognition
  • Social learning


BSc Hons Zoology (Class I) (University of Exeter)


Research projects

Project Title: The functional significance of mobbing secondary predator cues in meerkats

Supervisors: Dr Alex Thornton, Prof. Marta Manser, Dr Andy Young

Project Description:
My project aims to determine the role that mobbing of secondary predator cues plays in the development on antipredator behaviour in meerkats.


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Driscoll I (2020). The function of the mobbing-like response to secondary predator cues in wild meerkats.  Abstract.  Full text.

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