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Dr Joseph Costello

Dr Joseph Costello

Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology


 Geoffrey Pope 214


Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter , Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD, UK


I am a molecular cell biologist interested in how interaction between organelles allows coordination of cellular trafficking and signaling. I did my PhD at the University of Sheffield and then postdoctoral work at the University of Manchester where I investigated how cells can optimise mRNA selection under different stress conditions. Following this I moved to the University of Exeter where I worked on a critical stress-response organelle, the peroxisome. Here, I identified organelle-targeting signals for membrane proteins, allowing us to discover proteins which tether peroxisomes and the ER at membrane contact sites. I took up a lectureship in Exeter in 2019 and I am focusing on membrane contact sites between organelles and how this relates to ROS homeostasis and disease.

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Schrader M, Islinger M, Costello J (eds)(2022). 978-2-83250-838-1. Lausanne, Frontiers Media SA.

Journal articles

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Costello J, Passmore J, Islinger M, Schrader M (2018). Multi-localized proteins: the peroxisome-mitochondria connection. In del Rio L, Schrader M (Eds.) Proteomics of Peroxisomes. Identifying Novel Functions and Regulatory Networks, Springer.


Camoes F, Islinger M, Costello J, Gomes S, Bonekamp N, Almeida M, Castro I, Ribeiro D, Schrader M (2014). Targeting of tail-anchored proteins to peroxisomes and mitochondria in mammalian cells.  Author URL.

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