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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

 Josie Palmer

Josie Palmer

PhD Student

 The Farmhouse 


The Farmhouse, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK



2020 - Present, PhD Biological Sciences, University of Exeter

2017 - 2018, MSc Conservation and Biodiversity, University of Exeter

2014 - 2017, BSc Hons Zoology, Cardiff University

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Research projects

PhD Title: Assessing the impact of small-scale fisheries on sea turtle populations in the eastern Mediterranean basin

Supervisors: Professor Annette Broderick, Professor Brendan Godley, Dr Kristian Metcalfe, Dr Robin Snape

Assessing the overlap of polyvalent artisanal fisheries around the nearshore coastal waters of North Cyprus and their impact on loggerhead and green turtle populations' abundance, distribution and habitat use, and assess the efficacy of bycatch mitigation strategies and technologies.

MSc Thesis Title: Dietary analysis of two sympatric marine turtle species in the eastern mediterranean basin

Supervisor: Professor Annette Broderick

Quantification of loggerhead and green turtle diet in an area with a paucity of dietary information to better inform conservation strategies.

BSc Dissertation Title: Relatedness and genetic pedigree reconstruction of an ex situ greater flamingo population

Supervisor: Professor Mike Bruford

Pedigree formation of a common colonial breeding species with implications for captive management and breeding programmes of other more threatened colonial species.

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