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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Ruth Carmichael

Dr Ruth Carmichael

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


 01392 722174

 Geoffrey Pope 211


Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter , Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD, UK


I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the lab of Prof. Michael Schrader, investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying peroxisome dynamics. My previous research has focused on how post-translational modifications regulate organelle function and protein trafficking in healthy and diseased states. In particular, my work on the dysfunction of mitochondrial dynamics in Parkinson’s Disease led me to an interest in peroxisomes, because of the shared machinery between the two organelles. In the Schrader lab, I use a variety of molecular, biochemical, imaging and biophysical techniques to investigate how peroxisome number and function is controlled.


PhD (Bristol, 2017), MSci (Cambridge, 2012)


2018-present Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Exeter

2017-2018 Research Associate in Biochemistry, University of Bristol

2016-2017 Research Associate in Cell Biology, University of the West of England

2012-2016 PhD in Molecular Neuroscience, University of Bristol

2008-2012 MSci in Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

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Research interests

  • Organelle dynamics – peroxisomes and mitochondria
  • Intracellular trafficking
  • Post-translational modifications
  • Membrane proteins
  • Molecular neuroscience and neurodegeneration
  • Signalling pathways

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Schrader TA, Carmichael R, Schrader M (2023). Immunolabelling for detection of endogenous and overexpressed peroxisomal proteins in mammalian cells., Springer.

Journal articles

Azadi AS, Carmichael RE, Kovacs WJ, Koster J, Kors S, Waterham HR, Schrader M (In Press). A functional SMAD2/3 binding site in the PEX11β promoter identifies a role for TGFβ in peroxisome proliferation in humans. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Schrader M, Carmichael R (In Press). Determinants of peroxisome membrane dynamics. Frontiers in Physiology
Carmichael RE, Islinger M, Schrader M (In Press). Fission Impossible (?) – New Insights into Disorders of Peroxisome Dynamics. Cells
Soares Carneiro Da Silva B, DiGiovanni L, Kumar R, Carmichael RE, Kim PK, Schrader M (In Press). Maintaining social contacts: the physiological relevance of organelle interactions. BBA: Molecular Cell Research
Passmore J, Carmichael R, Schrader T, Godinho L, Ferdinandusse S, Lismont C, Wang Y, Hacker C, Islinger M, Fransen M, et al (In Press). Mitochondrial fission factor (MFF) is a critical regulator of peroxisome maturation. BBA: Molecular Cell Research
Carmichael R, Richards D, Fahimi HD, Schrader M (In Press). Organelle Membrane Extensions in Mammalian Cells. Biology
Schrader T, Carmichael R, Islinger M, Costello J, Hacker C, Bonekamp N, Weishaupt J, Andersen P, Schrader M (In Press). PEX11β and FIS1 cooperate in peroxisome division independent of Mitochondrial Fission Factor. Journal of Cell Science
Schrader M (In Press). The peroxisome: an update on mysteries 3.0. Histochemistry and Cell Biology
Silva B, Schrader TA, Schrader M, Carmichael R (2023). Generation of reporter cell lines for endogenous expression analysis of peroxisomal proteins. Methods in Molecular Biology
Schrader T, Carmichael R, Schrader M (2023). Immunolabelling for detection of endogenous and overexpressed peroxisomal proteins in mammalian cells. Methods in Molecular Biology
Soares ES, de Souza ACG, Zanella CA, Carmichael RE, Henley JM, Wilkinson KA, Cimarosti HI (2022). Effects of amyloid-β on protein SUMOylation and levels of mitochondrial proteins in primary cortical neurons. IBRO Neuroscience Reports, 12, 142-148.
Angelika T, Carmichael R (2022). First person - Tina Angelika Schrader and Ruth Carmichael. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, 135(13).  Author URL.
Waters E, Wilkinson KA, Harding AL, Carmichael RE, Robinson D, Colley HE, Guo C (2022). The SUMO protease SENP3 regulates mitochondrial autophagy mediated by Fis1. EMBO REPORTS, 23(2).  Author URL.
McMillan KJ, Banks PJ, Hellel FLN, Carmichael RE, Clairfeuille T, Evans AJ, Heesom KJ, Lewis P, Collins BM, Bashir ZI, et al (2021). Sorting nexin-27 regulates AMPA receptor trafficking through the synaptic adhesion protein LRFN2. eLife, 10 Abstract.
Passmore JB, Godinho LF, Ferdinandusse S, Lismont C, Wang Y, Hacker C, Islinger M, Fransen M, Richards DM, Freisinger P, et al (2020). Mitochondrial fission factor (MFF) is a critical regulator of peroxisome maturation. bioRxiv, 2020.01.08.898486-2020.01.08.898486. Abstract.
Carmichael RE, Wilkinson KA, Craig TJ (2019). Insulin-dependent GLUT4 trafficking is not regulated by protein SUMOylation in L6 myocytes. Scientific Reports, 9(1). Abstract.
Davey JS, Carmichael RE, Craig TJ (2019). Protein SUMOylation regulates insulin secretion at multiple stages. Scientific Reports, 9(1). Abstract.
Henley JM, Carmichael RE, Wilkinson KA (2018). Extranuclear SUMOylation in Neurons. Trends in Neurosciences, 41(4), 198-210. Abstract.
Carmichael RE, Wilkinson KA, Craig TJ, Ashby MC, Henley JM (2018). MEF2A regulates mGluR-dependent AMPA receptor trafficking independently of Arc/Arg3.1. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8  Author URL.
Zhu B, Carmichael RE, Valois LS, Wilkinson KA, Henley JM (2018). The transcription factor MEF2A plays a key role in the differentiation/ maturation of rat neural stem cells into neurons. BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, 500(3), 645-649.  Author URL.
Carmichael RE, Henley JM (2018). Transcriptional and post-translational regulation of Arc in synaptic plasticity. Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, 77, 3-9. Abstract.
Carmichael RE, Boyce A, Matthewman C, Patron NJ (2015). An introduction to synthetic biology in plant systems: ERASynBio/OpenPlant summer school for early career researchers, September 2014. New Phytologist, 208(1), 20-22.
Luo J, Ashikaga E, Rubin PP, Heimann MJ, Hildick KL, Bishop P, Girach F, Josa-Prado F, Tang LTH, Carmichael RE, et al (2013). Receptor trafficking and the regulation of synaptic plasticity by SUMO. NeuroMolecular Medicine, 15(4), 692-706. Abstract.


Schrader M (2023). Immunolabelling for detection of endogenous and overexpressed peroxisomal proteins in mammalian cells. In  (Ed) , Springer.
Wilkinson KA, McMillan KJ, Banks PJ, Carmichael RE, Nakamura Y, Bashir ZI, Cullen PJ, Henley JM (2022). Using Lentiviral shRNA Delivery to Knock Down Proteins in Cultured Neurons and in Vivo. In  (Ed) Translational Research Methods in Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Springer Nature, 1-17.

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