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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Tim Lamont (previously Gordon)

Dr Tim Lamont (previously Gordon)

Honorary Research Fellow

 Hatherly B11


Hatherly Building, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS, UK


I am a marine biologist specialising in coral reef ecology. Having completed a PhD on coral reef bioacoustics at Exeter, I now work with the Mars Sustainable Solutions coral reef restoration programme. In October 2021 I got married and changed my surname from Gordon to Lamont. 

"Climate Change: Tales from the front line" - click here to watch my recent presentation at the 2018 World Ocean Summit, in Cancun, Mexico

"Helping Nemo find home" - click here to watch a three minute summary of my PhD research on coral reef soundscapes.

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PhD (Marine Biology) - University of Exeter, 2016-2020

Masters by Research (Ecology, Evolution & Conservation) - Imperial College London, 2015-2016

BA (Natural Sciences) - University of Cambridge, 2012-2015

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Research interests

For an up-to-date summary of my research publications, see my Google Scholar profile.

Research projects

Project Title: Assessing and managing anthropogenic impacts on marine acoustic ecology


Dr Steve Simpson, University of Exeter
Dr Rod Wilson, University of Exeter
Professor Andy Radford, University of Bristol
Dr Nathan Merchant, Cefas
Dr Mark Meekan, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Funding Body:
NERC GW4+ DTP, with additional funding from the Australian Institute of Marine Science

Project Description:
Sound can travel for thousands of miles underwater, and plays a vital role in many marine ecosystems. Fish use sound to communicate, navigate, defend territories, find food, choose a mate and gain information about their surrounding environment. Recently, anthropogenic climate change has dramatically altered the soundscape of marine ecosystems, and noise pollution from shipping, small boats, construction and industry threatens to drown out the natural sounds of the ocean. This jeopardises marine life all over the world. My research addresses the likely impact of these acoustic changes, and how best to manage them.



Acoustic enrichment can enhance fish community development on degraded coral reef habitat

TAC Gordon, ​AN Radford, IK Davidson, K Barnes, K McCloskey, SL Nedelec, MG Meekan, MI McCormick, SD Simpson 

Nature Communications 10, 5414.

A simple model predicts how warming simplifies food webs

EJ O’Gorman, OL Petchey, KJ Faulkner, B Gallo, TAC Gordon, J Neto-Cerejeira, JS Ólafsson, DE Pichler, MSA Thompson, G Woodward

Nature Climate Change 9, 611-616. 

Coral reef monitoring, reef assessment technologies and ecosystem-based management

DO Obura, W Appeltans, N Amornthammarong, G Aeby, NJ Bax, J Bishop, RE Brainard, S Chan, P Fletcher, TAC Gordon, L Gramer, M Gudka, J Halas, J Hendee, G Hodgson, D Huang, M Jankulak, A Jones, T Kimura, J Levy, P Miloslavich, LM Chou, FE Muller-Karger, K Osuka, S Simpson, K Tun, S Wongbusarakum

Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 580

Causes and consequences of intraspecific variation in animal responses to anthropogenic noise

HR Harding, TAC Gordon, E Eastcott, SD Simpson, AN Radford

Behavioral Ecology, arz114

In a noisy world, some animals are more equal than others: a response to comments on Harding et al.

AN Radford, HR Harding, TAC Gordon, SD Simpson

Behavioral Ecology, arz171


Habitat degradation negatively affects auditory settlement behavior of coral reef fishes

TAC Gordon, HR Harding, KE Wong, ND Merchant, MG Meekan, MI McCormick, AN Radford, SD Simpson

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115, 5193-5198.

Fishes in a changing world: learning from the past to promote sustainability of fish populations

TAC Gordon, HR Harding, FK Clever, IK Davidson, W Davison, DW Montgomery, RC Weatherhead, FM Windsor, JD Armstrong, A Bardonnet, E Bergman, JR Britton, IM Côté, D D'Agostino, LA Greenberg, AR Harborne, KK Kahilainen, NB Metcalfe, SC Mills, NJ Milner, FH Mittermayer, L Montorio, SL Nedelec, JM Prokkola, LA Rutterford, AGV Salvanes, SD Simpson, A Vainikka, JK Pinnegar, EM Santos

Journal of Fish Biology 92, 804-827.

Changes in feeding selectivity of freshwater invertebrates across a natural thermal gradient

TAC Gordon, J Neto-Cerejeira, PC Furey, EJ O’Gorman

Current Zoology 64, 231-242.

Fish in habitats with higher motorboat disturbance show reduced sensitivity to motorboat noise

HR Harding, TAC Gordon, RE Hsuan, ACE Mackaness, AN Radford, SD Simpson

Biology Letters 14, 20180441.


Predation of freshwater gastropods (Viviparus viviparus) by brown rats (Rattus norvegicus)

TAC Gordon, EL Wilding, DC Aldridge

Journal of Molluscan Studies 82, 457-463.


Defended territories of an aggressive damselfish contain lower juvenile coral density than adjacent non-defended areas on Kenyan lagoon patch reefs

TAC Gordon, B Cowburn, RD Sluka

Coral Reefs 34, 13-16.

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