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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Tom Jenkins

Dr Tom Jenkins

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 Hatherly C15


Hatherly Building, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS, UK


I am a research scientist with interests in molecular ecology, genomics, population connectivity and biogeography. I am particularly interested in the application of such data as evidence to inform decisions by conservation managers and policy.

I have worked in both academia and in public sector organisations on projects covering a diverse range of organisms, including soft corals, lobsters, red algae, bacteria (Mycobacterium bovis) and bats.


2018 PhD Biological Sciences, University of Exeter

2014 MRes Biodiversity Informatics and Genomics, Imperial College London

2013 BSc Marine Biology (Hons), Swansea University


Jul 2023 – Present Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Exeter

Apr 2022 – Jun 2023 Bioinformatician & Software Developer, Animal and Plant Health Agency

Feb 2021 – Mar 2022 Senior Data Analyst, Natural England

Dec 2018 – Jan 2021 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Exeter

Oct 2014 – Oct 2018 PhD Research Scientist, University of Exeter


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Journal articles

Macleod KL, Jenkins TL, Witt MJ, Stevens JR (2024). Rare, long‐distance dispersal underpins genetic connectivity in the pink sea fan, <i>Eunicella verrucosa</i>. Evolutionary Applications, 17(3). Abstract.
Jenkins TL (2024). mapmixture: an R package and web app for spatial visualisation of admixture and population structure. Mol Ecol Resour, 24(4). Abstract.  Author URL.
ELLIS RJ, JENKINS TL (2023). Management and analysis of high-throughput sequence data for infectious animal diseases. Revue Scientifique et Technique de l'OIE, 42, 103-110.
Ellis CD, MacLeod KL, Jenkins TL, Rato LD, Jézéquel Y, Pavičić M, Díaz D, Stevens JR (2023). Shared and distinct patterns of genetic structure in two sympatric large decapods. Journal of Biogeography, 50(7), 1271-1284. Abstract.
Macleod KL, Paris JR, Jenkins TL, Stevens JR (2023). The First Genome of the Cold-Water Octocoral, the Pink Sea Fan, Eunicella verrucosa. Genome Biol Evol, 15(6). Abstract.  Author URL.
Jenkins TL, Stevens JR (2022). Predicting habitat suitability and range shifts under projected climate change for two octocorals in the north-east Atlantic. PeerJ, 10 Abstract.  Author URL.
Jenkins TL, Guillemin M, Simon‐Nutbrown C, Burdett HL, Stevens JR, Peña V (2021). Whole genome genotyping reveals discrete genetic diversity in north‐east Atlantic maerl beds. Evolutionary Applications, 14(6), 1558-1571. Abstract.
Ellis CD, Jenkins TL, Svanberg L, Eriksson SP, Stevens JR (2020). Crossing the pond: genetic assignment detects lobster hybridisation. Sci Rep, 10(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Houston RD, Bean TP, Macqueen DJ, Gundappa MK, Jin YH, Jenkins TL, Selly SLC, Martin SAM, Stevens JR, Santos EM, et al (2020). Harnessing genomics to fast-track genetic improvement in aquaculture. Nature Reviews Genetics, 21(7), 389-409.
Jenkins TL, Ellis CD, Durieux EDH, Filippi J, Bracconi J, Stevens JR (2020). Historical translocations and stocking alter the genetic structure of a Mediterranean lobster fishery. Ecology and Evolution, 10(12), 5631-5636. Abstract.
Gan HM, Grandjean F, Jenkins TL, Austin CM (2019). Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: Nanopore sequencing and complete assembly of the European lobster (Homarus gammarus) mitogenome uncovers the missing nad2 and a new major gene cluster duplication. BMC Genomics, 20(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Jenkins TL, Ellis CD, Triantafyllidis A, Stevens JR (2019). Single nucleotide polymorphisms reveal a genetic cline across the north-east Atlantic and enable powerful population assignment in the European lobster. Evol Appl, 12(10), 1881-1899. Abstract.  Author URL.
Jenkins TL, Stevens JR (2018). Assessing connectivity between MPAs: Selecting taxa and translating genetic data to inform policy. Marine Policy, 94, 165-173. Abstract.
Head CEI, Bonsall MB, Jenkins TL, Koldewey H, Pratchett MS, Taylor ML, Rogers AD (2018). Exceptional biodiversity of the cryptofaunal decapods in the Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean. MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 135, 636-647.  Author URL.
Jenkins TL, Castilho R, Stevens JR (2018). Meta-analysis of northeast Atlantic marine taxa shows contrasting phylogeographic patterns following post-LGM expansions. PeerJ, 6 Abstract.  Author URL.
Jenkins TL, Ellis CD, Stevens JR (2018). SNP discovery in European lobster (Homarus gammarus) using RAD sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources, 11(3), 253-257.
Stevens JR, Holland LP, Jenkins TL (2017). Contrasting patterns of population structure and gene flow facilitate exploration of connectivity in two widely distributed temperate octocorals. Heredity

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