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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

 Victoria Jennings

Victoria Jennings

PhD researcher

 Geoffrey Pope 201


Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter , Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD, UK


Broad research specialisms:

Ecotoxicology; particularly studying nanotoxicology in fish.

Group website:


BSc Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry, University of Bristol (2009)

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Research projects

Project Title: Biological Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials

Supervisors: Professor Charles Tyler and Professor Tamara Galloway

Funding Body: NERC

Project Description:

Engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) are materials with dimensions in the 1-100nm range; the nanoscale size of these particles provides them with unique properties and hence many novel uses for them. Although many of the metal and metal oxide ENPs in manufacture are well characterised in their bulk form ENP toxicity is a major concern because of the nano-specific properties of ENP’s. Aquatic habitats are likely to be a sink for ENPs released during the manufacturing process and from the products that contain ENPs. The key aim of this project is to study the biological effects of engineered nanomaterials in fish by completing a series of studies that will use in vitro and in vivo techniques to assess the uptake and distribution of engineered nanoparticles in fish, and assess the biological effects exerted. I am currently working to assess a primary gill epithelial cell culture system for use to screen uptake of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles which would then inform further in vivo studies using particles of interest. Alongside the in vitro work I have also been undertaking a number of in vivo exposure studies using metal/metal oxide particles dosed via either the diet or water using freshwater species such as Rainbow Trout and Xenotoca eiseni.

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