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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Dania Albini

Dr Dania Albini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 Geoffrey Pope 


Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter , Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD, UK


Aquatic ecologist interested in understanding the ecological effects of global change and other stressors, and their interaction, on aquatic ecosystems. I use a combination of field research, mesocosms and controlled experiments to test how communities respond to stressors. I am particularly interested in plankton communities. At Exeter I am part of Professor Charles Tyler group and I will be working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the NERC grant QUAMTUM, to quantifying livestock impacts on freshwater.


2015-2019: PhD in Aquatic Ecology, Swansea University (UK). Plankton defences against stressors.

2011-2013: Master’s Degree in Ecology and Nature Conservation, First Class, Parma University (IT).

2007-2011: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with Aquatic Ecology, First Class, Parma University (IT).


February 2024- Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Exeter, NERC QUANTUM project: quantifying livestock impacts on freshwater

  • April 2023-February 2024: Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Oxford, Agile NERC Project: The ecological effects of CO2 leakage on the pelagic marine system
  • January 2023-March 2023: Joint Visiting Researcher Fellowship between the University of Oslo (Norway) and University of Oxford (England, UK). Implications of winter climate change and human-induced stressors for the Arctic zooplankton
  • October 2022-: Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College, University of Oxford
  • April 2022-December 2022: Joint Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the University of Oxford and Imperial College of London (England, UK). NERC project: Disentangling the effects of chemical pollution and warming on aquatic plankton communities
  • January 2021-April 2022: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford. NERC project: Disentangling the triggers of sewage fungus in multi-stressed river catchments; Advancing understanding of food web responses to global change through high-throughput flow microscopy.
  • 2018-2020: Researcher, SEACAMS, Swansea University (Wales, UK). Developing accurate methods to assess biochemical and bioactive properties in macroalgae compounds
  • 2015-2019: Demonstrator and Teaching Assistant at Swansea University

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