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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Tetsuhiro Kudoh

Dr Tetsuhiro Kudoh

Senior Lecturer in Developmental Biology


 Geoffrey Pope 213


Geoffrey Pope Building, University of Exeter , Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD, UK



1996 PhD Osaka University, Japan

1991 MSc Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

1989 BSc International Christian University, Japan


1996-2001 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Molecular Genetics, NICHD, NIH, USA

2001-2006 Senior Research Fellow, Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London

2006-2012 Lecturer in Developmental Biology, Biosciences, University of Exeter

2012-present Senior Lecturer in Developmental Biology, Biosciences, University of Exeter


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Research interests

Our research group focuses on various aspects of embryogenesis - including normal embryo development and environmental impacts on embryogenesis such as pollution and infection. We use a variety of embryo systems including zebrafish, Arabian killifish, mangrove killifish, knifefish, aquatic gastropods and bivalves.

Research projects

Current research projects in our group:
Zebrafish (Danio relio):
- Developing biosensor transgenic fish models that can detect environmental pollutions (e.g. estrogens, heavy metals and other oxidative stressors, carcinogenes, alcohol).

Arabian killifish (Aphanius dispar): 

- Developing a model fish embryo system for infection studies under human body temperature. 

Mangrove killifish (Kryptolebias marmoratus):
- Developing the self fertilising mangrove killifish as a model for developmental biology
- Behavior studies on the mangrove killifish

Aquatic gastropods and bivalves:
- Molecular mechanisms of shell formation

- Impact of Fukushima Daiich nuclear leak to the rock shell. 

Research networks

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Journal articles

Parsons A, Lange A, Hutchinson TH, Miyagawa S, Iguchi T, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (In Press). Molecular mechanisms and tissue targets of brominated flame retardants, BDE-47 and TBBPA, in embryo-larval life stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio). Aquatic Toxicology Abstract.
Nishimura Y, Kudoh T, Komada M (2023). Editorial: Model organisms in predictive toxicology 2022. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 14
Takesono A, Dimitriadou S, Clark NJ, Handy RD, Mourabit S, Winter MJ, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2023). Zinc oxide nanoparticles disrupt development and function of the olfactory sensory system impairing olfaction-mediated behaviour in zebrafish. Environment International, 180, 108227-108227.
Takesono A, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2022). Application of Transgenic Zebrafish Models for Studying the Effects of Estrogenic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on Embryonic Brain Development. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 13
Takesono A, Schirrmacher P, Scott A, Green JM, Lee O, Winter MJ, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2022). Estrogens regulate early embryonic development of the olfactory sensory system via estrogen-responsive glia. Development, 149(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Bray IE, Alshami IJJ, Kudoh T (2022). The diversity and evolution of electric organs in Neotropical knifefishes. EVODEVO, 13(1).  Author URL.
Saud HA, O'Neill PA, Ono Y, Verbruggen B, Van Aerle R, Kim J, Lee J-S, Ring BC, Kudoh T (2021). Molecular mechanisms of embryonic tail development in the self-fertilizing mangrove killifish Kryptolebias marmoratus. Development, 148(24). Abstract.  Author URL.
Cooper R, David A, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2021). Seasonal variation in oestrogenic potency and biological effects of wastewater treatment works effluents assessed using ERE-GFP transgenic zebrafish embryo-larvae. Aquatic Toxicology, 237 Abstract.
Alsakran A, Kudoh T (2021). Zebrafish as a Model for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 12
Alshami IJJ, Ono Y, Correia A, Hacker C, Lange A, Scholpp S, Kawasaki M, Ingham PW, Kudoh T (2020). Development of the electric organ in embryos and larvae of the knifefish, Brachyhypopomus gauderio. Developmental Biology, 466(1-2), 99-108.
Parsons AE, Lange A, Hutchinson TH, Miyagawa S, Iguchi T, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2020). Expression dynamics of genes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) cascade and their responses to 3,3′,5-triiodo-l-thyronine (T3) highlights potential vulnerability to thyroid-disrupting chemicals in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo-larvae. Aquatic Toxicology, 225, 105547-105547.
Hamied A, Alnedawy Q, Correia A, Hacker C, Ramsdale M, Hashimoto H, Kudoh T (2020). Identification and Characterization of Highly Fluorescent Pigment Cells in Embryos of the Arabian Killifish (Aphanius Dispar). iScience, 23(11). Abstract.
Mourabit S, Fitzgerald JA, Ellis RP, Takesono A, Porteus CS, Trznadel M, Metz J, Winter MJ, Kudoh T, Tyler CR, et al (2019). New insights into organ-specific oxidative stress mechanisms using a novel biosensor zebrafish. Environment International, 133 Abstract.
Green JM, Lange A, Scott A, Trznadel M, Wai HA, Takesono A, Brown AR, Owen SF, Kudoh T, Tyler CR, et al (2018). Early life exposure to ethinylestradiol enhances subsequent responses to environmental estrogens measured in a novel transgenic zebrafish. Sci Rep, 8(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Moreman J, Takesono A, Trznadel M, Winter MJ, Perry A, Wood ME, Rogers NJ, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2018). Estrogenic Mechanisms and Cardiac Responses Following Early Life Exposure to Bisphenol a (BPA) and its Metabolite 4-Methyl-2,4-bis( p-hydroxyphenyl)pent-1-ene (MBP) in Zebrafish. Environ Sci Technol, 52(11), 6656-6665. Abstract.  Author URL.
Stockdale WT, Lemieux ME, Killen AC, Zhao J, Hu Z, Riepsaame J, Hamilton N, Kudoh T, Riley PR, van Aerle R, et al (2018). Heart Regeneration in the Mexican Cavefish. Cell Rep, 25(8), 1997-2007.e7. Abstract.  Author URL.
Moreman J, Lee O, Trznadel M, David A, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2017). Acute Toxicity, Teratogenic, and Estrogenic Effects of Bisphenol a and its Alternative Replacements Bisphenol S, Bisphenol F, and Bisphenol AF in Zebrafish Embryo-Larvae. Environmental Science and Technology, 51(21), 12796-12805. Abstract.
Green JM, Metz J, Lee O, Trznadel M, Takesono A, Brown AR, Owen SF, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2016). High-Content and Semi-Automated Quantification of Responses to Estrogenic Chemicals Using a Novel Translucent Transgenic Zebrafish. Environ Sci Technol, 50(12), 6536-6545. Abstract.  Author URL.
Osborne OJ, Mukaigasa K, Nakajima H, Stolpe B, Romer I, Philips U, Lynch I, Mourabit S, Hirose S, Lead JR, et al (2016). Sensory systems and ionocytes are targets for silver nanoparticle effects in fish. Nanotoxicology, 10(9), 1276-1286. Abstract.  Author URL.
Mourabit S, Moles MW, Smith E, van Aerle R, Kudoh T (2014). Bmp suppression in mangrove killifish embryos causes a split in the body axis. PLoS One, 9(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Osborne OJ, Johnston BD, Moger J, Balousha M, Lead JR, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2013). Effects of particle size and coating on nanoscale Ag and TiO₂ exposure in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. Nanotoxicology, 7(8), 1315-1324. Abstract.  Author URL.
Shimizu K, Iijima M, Setiamarga DHE, Sarashina I, Kudoh T, Asami T, Gittenberger E, Endo K (2013). Left-right asymmetric expression of dpp in the mantle of gastropods correlates with asymmetric shell coiling. EvoDevo, 4(1). Abstract.
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Takesono A, Moger J, Farooq S, Cartwright E, Dawid IB, Wilson SW, Kudoh T (2012). Solute carrier family 3 member 2 (Slc3a2) controls yolk syncytial layer (YSL) formation by regulating microtubule networks in the zebrafish embryo. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109(9), 3371-3376. Abstract.  Author URL.
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Mourabit S, Edenbrow M, Croft DP, Kudoh T (2011). Embryonic development of the self-fertilizing mangrove killifish Kryptolebias marmoratus. Dev Dyn, 240(10). Abstract.
So J-H, Hong S-K, Kim H-T, Jung S-H, Lee M-S, Choi J-H, Bae Y-K, Kudoh T, Kim J-H, Kim C-H, et al (2010). Gicerin/Cd146 is involved in zebrafish cardiovascular development and tumor angiogenesis. Genes Cells, 15(11), 1099-1110. Abstract.  Author URL.
Finch E, Cruz C, Sloman KA, Kudoh T (2010). Heterochrony in the germ ring closure and tail bud formation in embryonic development of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol, 314(3), 187-195. Abstract.  Author URL.
Cruz C, Maegawa S, Weinberg ES, Wilson SW, Dawid IB, Kudoh T (2010). Induction and patterning of trunk and tail neural ectoderm by a homeobox gene eve1 in the zebrafish embryo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 107, 3564-3569. Abstract.
Ghosh J, Wilson RW, Kudoh T (2009). Normal development of the tomato clownfish Amphiprion frenatus: live imaging and in situ hybridization analyses of mesodermal and neurectodermal development. J. Fish Biol., 75, 2287-2298. Abstract.
Kudoh T, Concha ML, Dawid IB, Houart C (2004). Combinatorial Fgf and Bmp signaling patterns the gastrula ectoderm into prospective neural and epidermis domains. Development, 131(15), 3581-3592.
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Moreman J, Lee O, Kudoh T, Tyler CR (2012). Application of ERE-transgenic biosensor zebrafish to identify target tissues and effect mechanisms of the environmental estrogen, bisphenol A.  Author URL.
Tyler CR, Hamilton PB, Lange A, Filby AL, Soffkar M, Lee O, Takesono A, Kudoh T, Paull GC, Iguchi T, et al (2012). Health impacts of exposure to environmental oestrogens in fish.  Author URL.
Kudoh T (2012). The hermaphroditic mangrove killifish as a model for embryological studies.  Author URL.
Mourabit S, Kudoh T (2012). The mangrove killifish as a model for environmental embryology.  Author URL.

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I teach Developmental Biology. I am interested in embryology, evolution and genome biology. In my lectures, I include the latest findings in the research fields. I also aim to discuss with students about philosophical and ethical aspects of biological science that include topics for human cloning, birth control, gene therapy and genome analyses.



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