Biosciences at Streatham Campus: New students

Welcome to Biosciences

A very warm welcome to Biosciences at the University of Exeter. On behalf of all the academic staff, post-docs, administrators and existing students, I hope that you will enjoy a rewarding and challenging academic experience as part of the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. You will be well supported and mentored by friendly and enthusiastic staff members and you will enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities.

The University offers many opportunities to realise your potential in terms of academic attainment and personal growth. All of the activities of Freshers’ Week are designed to ease you into university life and to provide an introduction to Biosciences and your chosen degree programme. The first few weeks at university may be a little overwhelming; we will be here to help and support you to find your feet quickly.

I wish you every success in your studies and hope that this is the start of a rewarding and enjoyable time at the University of Exeter.

Professor James Wakefield - Head of Biosciences


Information about things you'll need to do before arriving at Exeter can be found on our New Students website.

The purpose of Academic Induction is to introduce you to your academic programme, complete any necessary pre-registration tasks, familiarise yourself with your academic buildings, and meet fellow students and the academic staff for your subjects. These sessions form the core part of your Freshers' Week timetable and we expect all students to be present at these compulsory sessions. If you need any advice about issues or clashes within your Freshers' Week timetable please contact

The Biosciences UG Welcome Talk will take place on Tuesday 17 September at 09:00-10:00 in Newman Blue, Peter Chalk Centre (building 17 on the Streatham Campus map). There will then be one to one tutor meetings from 10:00, group tutee meetings at 14:00 and then tea and coffee at 15:00. At your personal tutor meeting you will have the chance to meet your Biosciences personal tutor and ask them any questions you may have. Download a full timetable: Biosciences induction timetable (.docx)

All students will receive their lab safety goggles in the first practical session of the year.

Further information about Freshers’ Week and Biosciences will be available on our Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) page.

All modules in first year are compulsory and are automatically allocated before arrival.

If there is recommended reading for your modules, it will be shown in the module descriptors (see Stage 1 modules under Streatham Campus). All recommended reading should be available through the university library.

If you are interested in joining any societies, you can look out for the Biology Society during Freshers’ Week.

If you have any further questions, worries or concerns you can get in touch with us at or on 01392 723788.