During the study abroad year our students get to experience new cultures and activities

Choosing a Host University

This is a very personal choice and depends on what you hope to gain from your Study Abroad year. Some possible factors to consider (in no particular order):

  • What size institution, in terms of undergraduate numbers, would you prefer? Many are larger than Exeter, some are the same size and some are smaller.
  • Do you want a university near to a large city or on a dedicated campus in the countryside?
  • What course are you studying now?
    • If you are interested in the molecular end of Biology consider some biochemistry or chemistry classes to supplement what is taught in Exeter
    • If you are more interested in conservation biology and ecology consider specialism in these fields such as Rocky Mountain Ecology in Montana.
    • Do you have any external interests that are popular at a host university?
    • Do you want to go to North America, Australia, the Far East or Europe?
    • Your learning agreement can contain minor subjects such as classical music performance – are there classes for these?

You will find further guidance on the Biosciences Study Abroad ELE page. In addition, talk the decision through with friends and family and also consider talking to students that have been to your possible institutions. You should also visit our University Partner pages where we have collected information from past students. And of course, talk to the Study Abroad Tutor if you need help.

I dived with catfish in Florida, and participated in shark tagging, dolphin photography and identification. I have now also eaten pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving in Maryland, watched and partied after a college football game, and even been to homecoming! It was as much about socialising and American culture, as it was academic opportunities. I met some of my best friends out there, experienced some of the most amazing things and loved every single minute of it!

Hannah Giddens, Exeter student who studied at Coastal Carolina University