The ESI’s Dr Stephen Votier, senior lecturer in the Natural Environment, ornithologist and seabird expert, was featured in conversation with zoologist, film-maker and presenter, Lucy Cooke, on BBC on Sunday, January 25.

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Captive breeding influences pond snail behaviour

Research carried out at the University of Exeter has discovered a behavioural change in laboratory reared pond snails following a period of isolation relative to wild snails.

Study reveals why geese adopt a ‘roller coaster strategy’ to combat life’s highs and lows

A new study has discovered that the world’s highest flying bird, the bar-headed goose, employs an unusual flight strategy when migrating at extreme altitudes across the Himalayas in order to cope in the relatively low-density mountain atmosphere.

Wild pollinators at risk from diseased commercial species of bee

A new study from the University of Exeter has found that viruses carried by commercial bees can jump to wild pollinator populations with potentially devastating effects.