Sea turtles are not a species one would normally associate with the United Kingdom. But on the remote UK overseas territory of Ascension Island, one of the world’s largest green turtle populations is undergoing something of a renaissance.

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Ocean acidification increases the toxic effects of copper pollution on marine worms

A team of researchers at the University of Exeter have found that the change in seawater pH caused by increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, a phenomenon called ocean acidification (OA), will increase the toxicity of a common coastal pollutant on the early life stages of marine worms.

Noise pollution impacts fish species differently

Acoustic disturbance has different effects on different species of fish, according to a new study from the Universities of Exeter and Bristol which tested fish anti-predator behaviour.

New device costing just £10 detects deadly lung disease

A scientist from the University of Exeter has developed a simple, cheap and highly accurate device for diagnosing a frequently fatal lung disease which attacks immune deficient individuals such as cancer patients and bone marrow transplant recipients.